Cover Story: February 2008

Carnival of the Rich
Will Budget 2008 be driven by cash-rich market players and the splurging neo-rich, or will it be determined by the compulsions of grassroot politics?

Eye on polls
If the Congress fails to make inroads in the BJP-ruled states, economic reforms will be put on the back-burner
N Chandra Mohan Delhi
The Unbearable Lightness of Crony Capitalism
The bitter truth about the economic policies of the UPA government is that the poor have been left to fend for themselves, while the State pampers the millionaires and billionaires and helps them to grow richer. Will this be the message to the people of India in this budget?
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Corporate Euphoria Again?
Instead of pampering the bloated rich of big business, the budget should follow the spirit of UPA's common minimum programme
Kamal Nayan Kabra Delhi

Food for thought
The political establishment is yet to wake up to the fact that foodgrain production will not keep up with rising demand leading to massive food crisis in the country
MR Sivaraman Delhi