Cover Story: The triumph of Nehruvian paradigm

The Triumph of Nehruvian paradigm

Since 1991, there have been many attempts by our rulers to do away with Nehru's economic policies, but politics and the force of history has stayed their hands
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Dreamer, Doer
Nehru set the model for prime ministerial leadership: nation's motivator, inspirer, preacher, task-master, chief priest, strategist, foreign policy expert, etc. We have one billion reasons to thank Nehru
Harish Khare Delhi

A leader and a gentleman
The Nehru legacy, which had its origins in the hoary days of the Mughal empire, still lives on
HR Bharadwaj Delhi

Humanism. Tolerance. Reason.
The time has come to detoxify our society of communalism and celebrate the enduring legacy of Gandhi and Nehru to defend national integration
SN Sahu Delhi

Memories of Jawaharlal
Treasured personal tales about India's first prime minister, himself an ardent student of history
RV Smith Delhi

In the celebration of pluralist spiritual traditions, lie the roots of resistance against the hate rituals of the Hindutva brigade
Manisha Sethi Delhi

'I follow the way of love'
A few precious moments of Sufi wisdom might save our souls in these corrupt and troubled times
Mehru Jaffer Vienna

Return of the Barbarians
In a society where genocides and rapes as public spectacles go unpunished, the politics of barbarism is bound to become legitimate
Amit Sengupta Delhi

A family of terror?
With the Samjhauta Express and Malegaon blasts under the scanner, Hindutva groups and the terror trial are getting decisively linked
Akash Bisht Delhi

Doctors and Dictators: Who jailed Binayak Sen?
The good doctor is modern India's historic victim of organised injustice and State terror driven by big profit and the poison of communal politics
Dunu Roy Delhi

It didn't hurt when farmers were dying
Bailing out farmers from a distressing situation is considered bad economics. The sooner politicians emerge out of it the better it would be for growth, development and justice
Devinder Sharma Delhi

The Burning Train
And why exactly is this train called India headed for disaster?
Satya Sivaraman Delhi

Choice of Crises
If India can't pull its weight in its own backyard, it is unlikely to become a player to reckon with on the global stage
Srinath Raghavan Delhi