Scandalous DDA!

Serious irregularities have been exposed in the DDA Housing Scheme 2008. Are there more skeletons in the closet?

Akash Bisht

The DDA housing scheme 2008 is a scam in the making that could expose the collision of influential property dealers, bank agents and DDA officials in the capital. After the announcement of the lucky draw for 5238 flats, it was alleged that there are numerous irregularities in the manner in which these flats have been allotted. Indian Justice Party chief Udit Raj revealed that the flats were allotted to people in the Jhujhunu village of Rajasthan who had not even applied for them. He informed that just one form could have been the genesis of the entire controversy as the conspirators bought an application form, photocopied it, sent it to places and distributed among residents belonging to the reserved categories with the enticement of DDA flats. These people furnished their personal details and paid Rs 5000 for the fake forms. After collecting this information these conspirators created fake identities and applied for the flats.

This irregularity has been noticed in the SC/ST category that has 17.5 per cent and 7.5 per cent flats for the respective categories. Raj told Hardnews that 300 flats have been allotted to people from Rajasthan, especially in the Meena community, out of the total 900 and this should be investigated thoroughly. He said, "Till now we have only looked into the SC/ST category and if we look into the other categories then there would be many more irregularities like these."

Raj cited various examples of individuals in Rajasthan who got flats even though they had not applied for them. Jamna Ram, a retired army man, claimed that he had given a copy of his passport and ration card but didn't know how he got a pan card on the basis of which he got the loan amount of Rs 1.5 lakh sanctioned. Raj said, "There is a conspiracy in the waiting list of the DDA as 144 people in the list fall between random number 1,77,668 to 1,79,186. It was earlier mentioned by the DDA that the waiting list will be prepared by the random lucky number. So why was the selection of the people in the waiting list was done between 1,77,668 to 1,79,186 instead of 1 to 5,67,000."

He also alleged that in one case the spouse and the husband had been allotted two different flats while DDA said that only one member of the family can apply for a single flat. Raj also mentioned that names of people from the North-east have also cropped up in the list raising serious questions. Filing RTI, Raj has sought information of the property of various top DDA officials and if any of the family members of these officers have benefited out of the scheme. He stressed that the allotment should be scraped and a CBI investigation should be initiated for the same and Ajay Maken, minister of state for urban development, should resign.