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January Edition

Cover Story : Finite Terror, Infinite Tragedy

By Hardnews Bureau

Its Loss and pain that Stays.And the ineviatble fear that this could be yet again the beginning of the end. In this dark epic narrative of terror and tragedy, it is ordinary , unprotected, unarmed citizen who is the eternal victim of organised barbarism. Will the Indian State, the elite and the political class take responsibility?

Economic Meltdown : No more Short Cuts for India

By Aseem Srivastava, Delhi

As always workers have to bear the brunt of any adjustment and restructing by business in a period of recession. That is how capitalism works.

Philanthropy and Politics : Kill Bill : Sweetheart Deal

By Sanjay Kapoor,Delhi

What Compounds Amar Singh's problem is that he declared Rs 38 crore as the value of his assets. Surely he cant be giving away  Rs 20 crore out of it to the Clinton Foundation?

Tribal uprising : The Great Rebellion

By Nilanjan Dutta, Kolkata

This is more than a Santhal rebellion in the tribal interiros of Bengal. this is the legendary people's resistance against organised police and State terror.

Forest vs Profit : Imagined Homeland

By Prabhat Sharan Dangs, Gujarat

Brutalised by official terror, their land ravaged for private greed, the pristine beauty of the dense forests in the dangs is an epic narrative of lost hopes and devasted lives.

Agriculture: Under-invested and over subsidised?

By Kiran Karnik, Delhi

The crisis in Indian Agriculture.

Columns: Experts speak