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 Fraud is King

Mesmerised by the glitz of money bags and a bloating stock market and sensex, the political-corporate regime missed out a crucial sign: Satyam is just an aberration. The epidemic is entrenched and spreading in the new political economy of superrich fat cats

Sanjay Kapoor, DELHI


Mr Sleaze & Co.


There is a sinister attempt to save the skin of the Satyam fraud kingpin by vested interests in the corporate and political establishment

Sanjay Kapoor, Delhi


Satyam and Slumdog

The looting of Satyam by its founder Ramalinga Raju is not something that is new. Every Indian corporation is looted, some more and some less. So the CII and others professing shock is nothing more than crocodiles shedding tears

Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Fabric of Hunger

With the economic slowdown hitting the once flourishing textile sector in prosperous Punjab the hardest, tens of thousands have been rendered jobless, trains are overflowing with ‘jobless refugees' returning to their villages, starvation and suffering stalk the landscape and factories are shutting down

Akash Bisht Ludhiana

Birmingham on the brink   

The government pampers big business, but small and medium enterprises are bleeding in the steel hub of Punjab hit by the slowdown. While thousands of jobless migrant workers starve and wait

Akash Bisht Mandi Gobindgarh (Punjab)

Glass doesn't Gleam

Bangles, chandeliers, glass utensils, bulbs, tube lights, artistic showpieces, exquisite works of art: Firozabad produces them all. Known as a city where people ‘breathe not air, but glass' - pessimism stalks its cracked mirrors. The economic slump has knocked the wind out of it

Samarth Pathak Firozabad

This Shoe Pinches

The world class hub of the footwear industry has hit the dust with thousands on the verge of despair. But the Mayawati regime and the centre cares two hoots

Samarth Pathak Agra