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February 2009 Edition

Cover Story: Economy Defrauded

Hardnews Bureau

Mesmerised by the glitz of money bags and a bloating stock market and sensex, the political -corporate regime missed out a crucial sign: Satyam is just an aberration. The epidemic is entrenched and spreading in the new political economy of superrich fat cats.


Gaza Special: Agony of Palestine

Dilip Simeon, Delhi

Is peace, justice and reconciliation possible in Gaza? Historian Dilip Simeon explores the Holocaust of jews and the Gaza carnage . The Israeli military are accused of using powerfull shells in civilain areas which they knew would cause casualities usingbaned weapons such as phosphorous bombs; holding civialians as human shields,


US & Subcontinent: Not easy , this FRIENDSHIP

Sanjay Kapoor, Delhi

There was apprehensions that New Delhi may be manipulated on the Kashmir issue and forced to send troops to Afghanistan to fight the American war


Jammu and Kashmir: Much more, Omar

Iftikhar Gilani, Delhi

Will the new chiefminister make a new beginning by taking some bold decisions?


Face to Face: Interview of Chief Information Commissioner

Sonal Kellogg, Delhi

Excerpts from an exclusive interview ' I think I made a change' RTI activist, Shailesh Gandhi, chief Information commissioner


Real State: Reeling under Debt

Noor Mohammad, Delhi

Unitech is overburdened with short term loans and is struggling it keep its head above water


India-Pak: Cheek to Cheek

Qaiser Mohammad Ali, Delhi

People across the border love the game. But India-Pakistan cricket takes a hit yet again as plitics takes precendence over sports


Columns: Experts speak