March: Table of Content

March 2009 Edition

Cover Story: Hung Parliament

Hardnews Bureau

There are scores of questions after the Mumbai carnage. The hollow edifice of the Indian Political system is under scrutiny. A wave of anger, disgust and urge for change is sweeping the inner layers of the country. Will it all express itself in the next parliament?


SlumD Millionaire: Underbelly UNDERDOG!

Hardnews Bureau

So how many Oscars and slumdog millionaires can bring a paradigm shift to the festering abyss of the invisible ghettos of cosmopolitan India? And how many dreams are growing like an epidemic in the open gutters of our multi-million slums?


Economic Meltdown: Fear is Forever!

Sophia Furber, Dubai

The shocking treatment of thousands of jobless migrant labourers in the Gulf is a sobering reminder that the global financial crisis should not only be viewed as a threat to remittance flows, but also to the basic human rights of South Asian workers


India-Afgan-Pak: Line of no Control

Zorawar Daulet Singh Delhi

India should be wary of Washington's deceptive Afghan-Pak policy


Women Sans Borders: Peace in times of Terror

Samarth Pathak, Delhi

It is better to sit together at a table and talk and argue than to stand at an open grave and cry.


Columns: Experts speak

  • Nation -State - Mahesh Rangarajan
  • Reflections - Mehru Jaffer
  • Angst in my Pants - Rupa Gulab
  • Hothead - Sanjay Kapoor
  • Circle of Unreason - Amit Sengupta