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If you are angry and you want to write then read on..

Hardnews epitomises tough, no nonsense value driven public interest journalism. It believes that media has the power to influence change in a society. Hardnews does not shy away from being interventionistic to serve as a catalyst for bringing about a change. It endeavors to connect with all those people in different parts of the country and the world who are angry, frustrated with the way goverments and the ruling elite has made a mess of their lives and that of future generations. We in Hardnews believe that this period of global slowdown in the world has the potential to reorder relations at different levels. By building networks of people and communities who share common belief and concerns, it is possible to expose and challenge those forces, who through venality and hubris have brought crisis to the lives of ordinary people. Hardnews is convinced that in India, the forthcoming parliament elections could kickstart a process whereby, an ordinary voter would not only understand the criminal and corrupt forces that sustain democracy in this country, but would feel empowered enough to ask tough questions from the candidates and thereby influence the kind of government that is formed after the elections. We in Hardnews get reports from the ground about the desire for change that is sweeping the length and breadth, but it cannot really acquire a critical mass or become a movement till there is relentless exposure of those who sully the electoral process and subvert people's mandate. Besides exposure it will also need airing of ideas, questioning of established order and so much more. Hardnews would want journalists,freelance citizen journalists, angry citizens to write for its blog on politics, people, issues that trouble them. We believe that change will come when we articulate our thoughts that influence others and therefore politics. Lets this election be a big test. We, however, reserve the right to edit, excise those portions that we find offensive and abusive.

Please send your write-ups to editors@hardnewsmedia.com