Sex sting at Raj Bhawan

Published: January 11, 2010 - 17:34 Updated: January 11, 2010 - 17:52

For the 84-year-old ND Tiwari with a colourful extra-currricular CV, life's now come full circle
Akash Bisht Dehradun/Delhi

Various conspiracy theories and jokes are doing the rounds post ND Tiwari sex tapes broadcast all across Andhra Pradesh. Massive protests in Hyderabad, Delhi and Dehradun soon followed. People in Delhi's political circles are joking about the possibility of the sting being a typical Congress strategy to divert attention from the 'out of control' Telangana issue. As a run up to the story, several website have published satirical articles on Tiwari, including future 'sex clinic' projects, etc.

Known for his colourful character, Tiwari had been a target of similar allegations during his rather discredited tenure as the chief minister of Uttarakhand. A famous Garwhali song by legendary singer Narendra Singh Negi depicting Tiwari as an evil Narayan became an anthem of sorts and its popularity resulted in Congress's decline in the state assembly elections. On December 26, Negi regaled thousands in Dehradun with that same Tiwari spoof.

The controversial tape was broadcast for nearly an hour on Andhra Jyothy news channel in Hyderabad. The video allegedly shows a naked Tiwari with three women in compromising positions. These 'poor' women were allegedly brought from Uttarakhand on the behest of another woman, Radhika, who was promised a mining lease by Tiwari. She claimed to have known Tiwari and supplied him girls on various occasions.

Six months ago, Andhra Jyothy newspaper had also published a story on Tiwari's affair with former Congress worker Ujjawala Sharma, whose son Rohit alleged that Tiwari is his father. The paper was then approached by Radhika who informed them about Tiwari's sexcapades. Radhika was perturbed that Tiwari had not kept his promise of a mining lease and this egged her on to expose him.

The news of Tiwari's sexcapades at the Hyderabad Raj Bhawan did not come as a surprise to most people in Uttarakhand residents. "Ask anyone in Uttarakhand and they will narrate you the story of a 20-something Nepali girl who went to meet Tiwari in his office and came out as a minister. Even kids here are aware of their ex-CM's misdeeds," informs Shishir, a journalist based in Dehradun.

Said Kishore Upadhyaya, who was removed by Tiwari in 2002 from his cabinet, "There might be a possibility that the tapes are doctored and someone is trying to implicate him. I have worked with him for more than 20 years and have had good relations with him. However, if it is proved that he is on that footage then it certainly is very unfortunate."

Most BJP leaders in the state, including former BJP chief minister BC Khanduri declined to comment. However, a BJP leader on request of anonymity, said, "Everyone is well aware of Tiwari's charitra as several such allegations were levelled against him during his tenure." He added that most BJP leaders, barring a few, are the "B-Team of Tiwari" and work secretly at his behest.

Another senior journalist confided to Hardnews that BJP's Ramesh Pokriyal Nishank was allegedly closest to Tiwari. "Once, senior Congress leaders were made to wait for more than two hours by Tiwari. Much to everyone's surprise, Nishank emerged out of his room. Tongues have been wagging since then," he said.

Some senior leaders also mentioned that Tiwari faced stiff opposition from his own party members than from the BJP. "He was constantly criticised by his party members for five years, while BJP hardly raised any issues," said Shishir.

"Though not surprised by what NDT reportedly did in the sanctum sanctorum of the Raj Bhavan, the Uttarakhand Parivartan Party (UKPP) is of the view that ND Tiwari is the embodiment of the degenerate, polluted, corrupt, valueless, immoral and insensitive politics of the so-called mainstream political parties. He has no moral authority or constitutional right to cling to the governorship," read its statement. One of their leaders stressed that similar stories had generated from Dehradun but nobody in the Congress took them seriously. Instead of punishing him for his immoral behaviour, the party high command awarded him with the governorship of a large state. "Now, its good that poetic justice has been done," said Suresh Nautiyal of UKPP.

Clearly, the sex sting is the last nail in Tiwari's controversial political career. For the 84-year-old politico with a glad eye and a colourful extra-currricular CV, life's come full circle.

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For the 84-year-old ND Tiwari with a colourful extra-currricular CV, life’s now come full circle
Akash Bisht Dehradun/Delhi

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