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Published: April 1, 2010 - 17:33 Updated: April 1, 2010 - 17:36

From a class nine drop-out to security guard to massage parlour pimp to fraudulent spiritual guru to sex baba: Shiv Murti Dwivedi is a classic case of how totally corrupt multi-million holy empires are flourishing in India
Prateek Chauhan Delhi

Sex, sleaze, murder and spirituality seem to be the uncanny symphony for some of the massively expanding business houses of sundry 'swamis' currently flourishing in the largest democracy. The latest in this sinister line of illustrious godmen, with millions in their booty and female 'devotees' in their sanctum sanctorum, is an infamous 'Sex Baba' who spread his tentacles right from the heart of Delhi intothe mythical heartland of India.

His well-oiled industry of religion and real estate, mixed with servicing clients across the police, politicians and miscellaneous power networks, with primordial caves, closed circuit television, a lavish life, swanky cars and rich girls (including air hostesses), cosy and tucked up in posh south Delhi apartments, is a classic example of how fraudulent godmen have turned religion into big business. 
Meet the rags to riches conman: Shiv Murti Dwivedi alias Ram Murat Dwivedi alias Rajiv Ranjan Dwivedi alias Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanandji Maharaj 'Chitrakootwaale' or Sex Baba, as he is known today in Khanpur in south Delhi where his opulent temple was installed. 

A class nine drop-out, his family consists of a wife and an 11-year-old daughter, and "several girlfriends" who are also in his 'service sector' for upper-end clients, including reportedly cops and politicos (the politicos only came for religious discourses, we are told). Police sources say, his wife lives in Chitrakoot, UP, and the daughter lives in an ashram in Gujarat. They have reportedly not met Dwivedi since he has been lodged in Ward Number 3, Tihar Jail, in Delhi. This is also called the highly sensitive 'Mulyaza Ward'. Incidentally, the police have been recording complete details of people coming to meet him, and have been questioning some of them for more information on Dwivedi. This could be one reason why his acquaintances are reluctant to visit Tihar.

The barrack in which he is kept consists of 25 other inmates. He claims that he has been falsely implicated. According to jail sources, Dwivedi eats jail food. He gets up early at 5am and still delivers religious lectures. And then he sleeps for the whole day. "He has many jailmates who visit him everyday; he has become quite a personality in the jail." 

While investigations are in progress and the Delhi Police is trying to gather more evidence, murkier truths about his crime syndicates are coming to light. The Sex Baba apparently has clients and contacts not only in India but also in Las Vegas in the US. Sources say that some girls from Las Vegas had come to India at his behest, including a Russian girl called Laila. He was apparently taking classes in English language, preparing to start his empire abroad soon after the 2010 Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Delhi. 

Indeed, Dwivedi was gearing up for the CWG and was reportedly trapping more girls, including foreigners. One of the girls, Sunita, (not her real name), who is allegedly one of his 'girlfriends' based in Dwarka, reportedly told the police: "I use to call him Shiva, and knew him since four years. He met me while I was doing my BA from Delhi University. I came to attend his 'satsang' (religious discourse) and since then he started showing interest in me. He lured me with expensive gifts and promised to marry me. He did not tell me that he was married. A man like him should be hanged...

...Later, I came to know, he used to lure drop-out college girls and girls working with BPOs with expensive gifts. Once these girls fell in his trap, he compulsively used them in the flesh trade. This was like a honey trap plus a vicious circle. A few days back, he spoke to me about the CWG - 'how lucrative it could be for us'. We could earn lakhs in just one week and even get a chance to settle abroad. He told the girls that lots of guests would come during the games, from India and abroad, and that he has arranged 'facilitation jobs' for girls during the games in Delhi." 

Significantly, she also added, "We never had any problems moving in Delhi or around since he seemed to have a good reputation and contacts with big cops. Besides, many times our clients were cops themselves. We never really had a clue that he would be apprehended at PVR Saket, where he seemed to know everybody, form top to bottom." 

"We have to unearth the whole network in which more than 100 brokers and 1,000 prostitutes are involved. He has also amassed huge property in Mumbai, Noida, Kolkata, Varanasi and Govardhan," police sources said. His dairy apparently contains information on money transactions, contact details of more than 3,000 people, among other information, some of it in coded language.
However, fingers are also being pointed out at some Delhi cops who were reportedly part of the baba's nexus. "If there was a police-baba nexus, who are the cops? Whowere in direct touch with him, and using his services, and why?" Interestingly, Dwivedi's counsel is now raising these issues.

The fraud swami was arrested by the Saket police in Delhi on the charges of running a flourishing sex racket and flesh trade. One of his accomplices was also arrested with six call girls, apparently rich girls living in affluent south Delhi apartments. Among the girls, two were air hostesses, one an MBA student and another, a former student of Delhi University. Locals put it aptly: Satsangs in daylight and flesh trade in the dark. He built a Sai Temple in South Delhi, Khanpur, and a 200-bed hospital is under construction in Chitrakoot. Now, doubts are being raised about the 'hospital' as well.

The Saket police got secret information that a gang involved in prostitution was active around the multiplex PVR Saket area. Sub Inspector Sanjay Sharma contacted an associate of the 'Sex Baba', who arrived in a Honda City car. The cop handed him Rs 5,000 as advance to bring the girls on the night of Februrary 25, 2010.

On February 25, Delhi Police set up a trap at PVR and arrested eight people along with six girls from two cars and Rs 1.5 lakh in cash and ornaments, Dwivedi's recorded discourses (pravachans), CDs, photo albums and visiting cards in the name of 'Chitrakoot Baba'. Plus, saffron clothes. His accomplice, Praveen, was a key conduit in this prostitution network. All the girls involved were young, between 20 and 30. The accused often used a place in Shimla as his summer getaway. Delhi Police are investigating other properties in Pune, Varanasi, Lucknow and Bangalore to find out if these belonged to Dwivedi.

Investigations revealed that the diabolical fraudster originally belonged to Chitrakoot. He came to Delhi in 1988. He, obviously, had a shady past. He left his native Chamrauha village under Manikpur police circle in 1988. He came to Delhi and started his stint at the Park Royal Hotel in Nehru Place in Delhi as a security guard. He worked there for some years. In 1997, he was arrested from Lajpat Nagar on charges of being involved in flesh trade in the cover of a massage parlour. In 1998, he was held for buying stolen items. Thereafter, he got deeply involved in prostitution posing as Sai Baba's devotee.

The crook was earlier known as Shiva, Rajeev, Karan and Swami. He was active in Jawahar Park, Khanpur for the past 15 years and had built a Sai temple. The entrance to the temple was through a cave with a primordial look adorned with pictures of gods and goddesses to hoodwink people that this is an ancient temple. His luxurious room in the first floor had air conditioners, CCTV and television. Ironically, he had also stuck up a poster: 'Beware of Fraud Babas'

Apparently, some MPs and MLAs too attended the bhandara (food distribution) which Dwivedi often organised at Khanpur. Devotees and locals, especially women who visited the temple, are shocked. They find it hard to believe that when Ramayana and Sai discourses used to go on in full daylight with everyone participating, how can this organised sleaze be so entrenched and secret? How can he cheat so many devotees in the name of god?

The secretive Sex Baba was meticulously organised, with multiple mobile phones, and two Honda City cars, well-oiled contacts, hard cash and property. He would do things all by himself, avoiding help from even close associates, one of the crucial reasons why he was not busted for so long. He would often talk to the customers himself. He had eight diaries to keep his accounts, including detailed records of the call girls, their movements, procurements etc. The girls have revealed to police that they got into Dwivedi's network through their friends. Some of them desperately needed money, others needed cash to burn and enjoy life. And yet, some others were lured and trapped and thereby forced into a job they hated doing. Some girls just fell into it and got addicted to the money and easy life.

Dwivedi's website is a classical case of the rising trend of organised upper-end prostitution and sex tourism in India. Cash-rich customers logged onto the site and chose the girls. The payment was made directly to Dwivedi. The customers were charged Rs 5,000 to 20,000 for one day. Sometimes more. There were two types of girls. Those who were employed had a fixed 'salary' of Rs 25,000 per month. Others working on commissions would get 20-25 per cent of the total amount. All deals were finalised through a 'safe code system'. 

Indeed, the truth is that if the police had not turned against him, his sex empire would have continued to flourish under the garb of a religious façade. The question is, why did the police turn against him, and especially him, when there are already so many sex rackets flourishing openly in Delhi, including in the so-called massage parlours advertised so prominently and grotesquely in a top English paper? Did the Sex Baba antagonise some important cogs in the sleaze wheel? Or did he grow too big for his boots, even while at stake is the huge amount of money, and perhaps sex and crime, floating in the capital city before (and during) the 2010 Commonwealth Games? So who played which dirty game in this particular episode?

Unanswered, uncanny questions. The best man to answer them is the fake guru himself. Will he?

From a class nine drop-out to security guard to massage parlour pimp to fraudulent spiritual guru to sex baba: Shiv Murti Dwivedi is a classic case of how totally corrupt multi-million holy empires are flourishing in India
Prateek Chauhan Delhi

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