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Published: June 2, 2010 - 13:20 Updated: June 2, 2010 - 13:25

Sleazy and wild 'hen parties' with male strippers. The underground party scene for affluent ladies in Delhi marks a new high and a new low
Prateek Chauhan Delhi

The business of sleaze and sex as underbelly entertainment is flourishing. It is turning inverse, perverse, subversive, and it involves respectable affluent women with posh addresses.

You can call it the ecstasy pill high some ladies are seeking, who have cash and time to burn, and no work or occupation to hold their attention. Indeed, this new phenomenon cares little for social norms and morality. It's driven by insatiable hedonism, and is illegal and underground. So what is this new high?Male strippers in 'hen parties'.  Because some terribly bored richie-rich females in Delhi want to have a different kind of fun, if not really the Full Monty experience. 

Well-built boys with gym-toned bodies dance to the music of latest bollywood and western numbers in itsy-bitsy outfits. Unlimited booze, boys and fun - it's as wild as it gets. While female kitty parties have been around for ages in Delhi, the hen parties genre is a new phenomenon that is growing wider and wilder.Says Bunty (name changed), a 28-year-old male stripper, a bodybuilder and coach in a health club in south Delhi, "I am invited once or twice a week to such parties mostly in the farmhouses around Delhi and Gurgaon. In a typically male striptease party three to four men are usually called. We don't have direct excess to the women who come to the party, there is an organiser who plans everything. Sometimes we get our payment in advance and even get gold chains as tips." 

Brazenly transparent 'sex ads' frequently appear in English and Hindi dailies in Delhi, inviting readers to call and procure services of male and female professionals for massage, escort service et al. One such advertisement in a leading English daily says: "Male and female full body massage by decent, educated good-looking built slim sweet college boys 24 hours." Others are equally provocative, luring, direct invitations for commercial sexual services, often citing locations at five-star hotels.

The Delhi Police has been monitoring such advertisements and raids are conducted routinely. They have never been able to zero in on a male striptease party in the capital, though they are aware that such 'events' do happen.

Says a police officer, "We know about them. Mostly middle-aged women throw such parties. These people usually belong to the high strata with big names backing them. One needs to get full evidence and information to raid such parties. Many times during raids we have got information from massage parlour owners, but we can't nab them since these parties are organised in a highly secretive manner."

"We charge more when foreigners organise the parties and we also get handsome tips, often in dollars. For one night we are paid Rs 5,000 to 10,000, and the best part is, there is no fear of the police," says Bunty. "The demand for male striptease parties is rapidly growing in Delhi. Some college students involved in body-building or those working as bouncers at night clubs have taken this up as a part-time profession. Interestingly, once an organiser got an invitation from Agra; four strippers were demanded for a party at a three-star hotel. There were seven middle-aged women, we partied the entire night and were paid extremely well. We have now received an invite from Gujarat where we have been asked to perform a pole dance. It's going to be exciting!"  

 "It's crazy out there," says another regular. "Be it the ambience or the music, this is a different world altogether. The girls treat me as a professional and things rarely get out of hand, but when they do, it can become ugly."

A Delhi-based model says, "The concept of hen parties is catching up in the city. People have become as comfortable with them as they are with ladies sangeet."  Says a Mumbai-based airhostess, "I have been to one such party. Letting your hair down is great, but freaking out doesn't mean there's also a sleaze show on. It's important that people don't go overboard." 

An organiser told Hardnews, "For four male strippers we charge Rs 15,000 to 20,000. For women strippers we charge Rs 25,000 to 40,000. It depends on the client. We also have African and Afghan boys. But Indian boys are in huge demand."

That's the new sleazy leap of desire in the cash-rich zone of Delhi's underbelly. Young boys for sale, for a wild night out. For obscenely rich, empty, lazy cougars, high on fun, low on inhibitions, bored out of their heads.

Sleazy and wild ‘hen parties’ with male strippers. The underground party scene for affluent ladies in Delhi marks a new high and a new low
Prateek Chauhan Delhi

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