Published: September 5, 2011 - 11:09

It’s celebration time. They did it. Give them the credit. All we want now are the Narendra Modi masks
Amit Sengupta Delhi 

It takes sublime courage. It takes extraordinary war tactics and amazing real politik vision to subsume your own politics, your own bhagwa flag and Hindutva ideology, your self-identity and atavistic asceticism, your Ku Klux Klan faces and Narendra Modi masks, your illustrious history of ‘socially engineered’ communal riots which every enquiry commission has documented. And thereby deify a simplistic, limited, ex-military Gandhian who flogs the drunkards in his own village — and create a sudden saint, demi-god and manufactured messiah. 

Also, so successfully manipulate and re-manufacture the monster of an abjectly mediocre, copy cat, muscle-flexing television media monologue, and yet refuse to claim the credit and give sound bytes on 24x7 prime time. Become invisible, like a Man
Without Qualities. 

The invisible, secret cult of Sangh Parivar has done it yet again, with teeming, angry, noisy crowds of ‘innocent’ Indians, mesmerised by their own hypnotic bad faith, to establish new goal posts of democracy in a parliamentary system which has largely failed. Ask those who live below or just above the Rs 20 daily wages landmark every day, almost most of India. Or, those millions crushed every day, eternally, by Manmohan Singh and Montek Singh’s market fundamentalism. 

Or those, who found justice only in their daily sleepless dreams of revenge against the system. Or those, who never found it, who will never find it, like Irom Sharmila of Manipur, like a long whistle of longing, without a sound. 

That they never had any unrequited love for the Indian Constitution or the freedom movement, or the democracy of Gandhi and Nehru, has been easily exemplified by their abject distaste for the freedom movement itself, in which the original Sangh or Hindu Mahasabha or RSS never participated. So much so that Nathuram Godse is still a hidden symbol of glorified greatness for them (like Pragya Thakur, etc)— as established a fact as that they actually exalted the Holocaust and the supremacist, racist ethnic cleansing of millions of Jews by the Nazis. 

Indeed, they hated Gandhi as much as they hated the communists. For years, they refused to host the tricolour at their ghettoised Nagpur headquarters. They were always true to their beliefs. They still are. 

In that sense, when the RSS chose to subsume its bhagwa for the tricolour and made the Gandhi cap its Anna symbol, and actually manipulated and subverted this anti-corruption ‘wave’, it proved their inner mettle, resilience, staying power and long-term strategy. Big mouth Ashok Singhal is only telling what their enemies saw long before, but, unlike them, the Sangh was undeterred. In a way, they are only following a style of political-organisational work that Lenin had in mind when he rejected the stupid MN Roy thesis of premature revolution in the early years of the freedom movement in the early 1920s, and asked the communists to work with and within the Congress to fight the colonial imperialists, and thereby expand their mass base. Indeed, they are inverting the dialectic in volatile historical circumstances of absolute angst and anarchy, when contemporary communists — decadent, lazy, discredited and without imagination — are left to chase the contours of the shape of the beast, completely outwitted by the Sangh’s efficient and disciplined octopus-like fronts. 

The pathetic progressives are left twiddling and sucking their sore thumbs when the Sangh Parivar has successfully deconstructed the corporate TRP media circus into a historical anti-thesis. Use the anti-establishment movement to help the corporates. Give them the credit. The RSS has done what the ‘official’ Left, including sleepwalking, self-righteous overground Naxalites, with low self-esteem, could never even have imagined in their failed revolutionary utopian insomnia. 

They have worked hard, relentlessly and imaginatively. Without dogmatism and egoism, self-promotion or sectarianism. They worked only for the Sangh. They did their politics like committed parasites, like Kafka’s cockroaches in perpetual metamorphosis. They penetrated institutions, subverted sub-systems, sucked into the Kafkaesque labyrinths of social networks and apolitical networking, galvanised their sleeper cells and intestinal cadre-based fanatics, joined enemy and friendly camps, recruited easy targets, cajoled and seduced the youth, and made their pet slogans the pet slogans of a rootless, angry middle class. 

Their slogans are now in every home, well, almost, thanks to an equally parasitic television journalistic subculture, which has now almost become the dominant culture. Superpower Indiaof the superpower elite deserves it, like a rat deserves and desires its rat trap. Oh, the unbearable lightness of being in a rat trap! It’s like a death wish. 

They pledged in all their secret and public conclaves to destabilise a corrupt, arrogant and discredited UPA-II, despite their own entrenched corruptions, and mafias, as in Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand or Gujarat(don’t forget Narendra Modi’s fake encounters or killing machines!). As it was in NDA’s Shining India. And they did it with no shame; rather, they did it with a high moral ground. Always. 

In this Annacase, they decided to secretly ravage all secular scaffoldings of a fragmented, unhappy, disgusted India, and used all their front organisations, including the parliamentary BJP, to discredit both the Indian Constitution and democracy, subverted by politicians, corporates, bureaucrats, and all those who found easy pickings from the neoliberal fat cat regime of the corrupt super-rich. They aligned with the fat cats, promised them a Rightwing corporate dream sequence, and have already sentenced the non-violent rebels and Maoists on the ground to death. Hang the corrupt, as Ramdev and Hazare promised at Jantar Mantar. Ah, Gandhi would be proud of them. ‘Mein bhi hanged,’ will be the next Gandhian slogan. 

They told the impatient, sexy-sensex 10 per cent growth corporates, if Congress can’t push the neoliberal agenda, we will do it. Let’s not stop the SEZ picnic. In Bastar, Dantewada, Jharkhand, Niyamgiri, Posco’s Jagatsinghpur, Jaitapur. They will do it with their lovely macho-militaristic nationalistic anti-Paki/anti-Muslim, Pokhran machine. Redesigning an artificial Anna symphony of ‘Hate Muslims’ politics — their favourite soul music. 

That they achieved a zero sum game, almost nothing, in terms of the Jan Lokpal, is not a Machiavellian management method in madness. They managed and manhandled the system, in full transparency, without even a single assertion of their idea of Hindutva supremacy. They let Team Anna do their dirty work. And no one even points a dirty third finger at them! 

Next time, they will wear all the Modi masks with ‘Main bhi Anna’ written all over it, and the nation will forget the assassins of Gandhi, in the same way, as it has buried Gandhi in the bowels of its own middle/upper class opportunism. Next time, it will be a different kind of celebration, not unlike what they had done when they demolished the Babri Masjid or the Gujarat carnage. It will be like a motherless motherland carnival, where all that is bloodless smells of colourless blood. Like Schindler’s List. Like Orhan Pamuk’s Snow. Like Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. Also, Bhisham Sahni’s Tamas, Aparna Sen’s Mr and Mrs Iyer, and of course, Rahul Dholakia’s Parzania. Also perhaps, docu-filmmaker Rakesh Sharma’s brilliant film on RSS pracharak Narendra Modi’s bloodlust, Final Solution.

Yes, we got it. The Final Solution.


It’s celebration time. They did it. Give them the credit. All we want now are the Narendra Modi masks
Amit Sengupta Delhi

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