Mission Assassination Modi: Fake

If the RSS and BJP have any respect for constitutional and ethical values, they should sack Narendra Modi immediately. Because this man will never resign. Even as the wheels of injustice he has unleashed will come to haunt him every day of his life
Amit Sengupta Delhi 

In a civilised country firmly based on the principles of justice with the rule of law, ethical behaviour and social morality as normative codes of conduct of public life and good governance, the chief minister would have long resigned. That would be one crucial sign of redemption, if not a proper trial through the labyrinths of the Indian judicial system for presiding over a carnage which has been meticulously documented with evidence so transparent that justice should arrive a priori. However, it happens only in India. It happens only in Gujarat. And it is best reflected in the doublespeak of a thick-skinned party like the BJP, that its octogenarian leader undertakes yet another flop yatra, chasing PM ambitions at 84, floating a relentless rhetoric on the high standards of morality and good conduct in public life.

His own conduct has been far from exemplary, having led the mob which demolished the Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992, which led to a spiral of bloody violence across the country with hundreds of innocents killed, including the Shiv Sena pogrom against Muslims in Bombay, 1992-93. Besides, being a mentor of the chief minister of Gujarat has added no feathers to his cap, though this very ambitious man has himself objected to the old man's pipe dream and the cold vibes between them is a new phenomenon within the faction-ridden BJP. It's amazing that his eternally muscle-flexing party refuses to see its own cracked mirror of organised corruption and communal genocide, or the tainted, megalomaniac and narcissistic faces of leaders like the Bellary mafia, Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, BS Yeddyuruppa, Narendra Modi, among other stalwarts. Modi particularly seems totally unruffled by the remotest signs of self-criticism, remorse or shame, despite the blood on his hands.

Or the fact, that he is not really loved across the secular, pluralist spectrum in India beyond the caste/class/religion paradigm, including in Gujarat where a huge chunk of people don't vote for the BJP, or don't vote at all. His ethnic cleansing credentials has not really helped him gain friends and allies, as is witnessed even in Bihar, where opportunist rump socialists, JP's followers, have tied up with the NDA, dropping all pretensions of secular ideology.

Indeed, Modi's ambitions have been repeatedly thwarted by the facts of the legacy he has left behind in polarised Gujarat, where cases of massacres keep arriving like a dark shadow of blood-soaked truth, even while the screams and torture of victims have not really been completely eliminated from the political unconscious.


The article is sharp and

Looks like the writer is suffering from prejudice against the Gujarat chief minister, whose party has won every election in the state in the last 10 years. The writer just wants to remember the 2002 riots and not the peace that followed. For so many years now, every citizen of Gujarat feels safe, and everyone outside Gujarat feels that once they enter the state, it would be safer for them, such is the quality of governance there. I am pretty sure my comment won’t be posted because I believe in revealing facts and not misguiding people by hate campaigns such as yours. May god give the writer the strength to overcome his prejudices.

The article is sharp and

The article is sharp and timely. Regardless of what the secular forces want, and despite the mountain of evidence gathering against Narendra Modi on a daily basis, neither will he resign, nor will the spineless UPA government take a stand on this issue. It is not only the Gujarat police and administration that is complicit in this cover-up operation. How else can one explain the refusal of three senior CBI officials to take charge of the SIT investigating the fake encounter charges? Perhaps the role of another pillar of parliamentary democracy needs to be investigated a little bit. Go back to the time when the Ishrat Jahan story first broke. I do not remember a single newspaper that had any doubt about Ishrat and her young friends being terrorists. They all lapped up the story dished out by the Maharashtra and Gujarat police. The bias runs very deep, and every Muslim is seen as a terrorist till s/he is killed and then proved innocent years later.