Mission Assassination Modi: Fake

From Naroda Patiya and Gulberg Society to Panchmahal, Sardarpura, Dahod and Best Bakery in Vadodra; from Bilquis Bano to Zaheera Sheikh and Zakia Jaffrey, it's like a grotesque serial of organised, evidenced injustice, scripted by a state-sponsored massacre, which comes back, which will keep returning, to haunt Modi, his former mentor, LK Advani, the RSS and BJP for all times to come. The organised BJP-VHP-Bajrang Dal gangs, led by the likes of Jaideep Patel, Babu Bajrangi, Mayaben Kodnani, among others, with ministers actually calling the shots from police control rooms, as phone records show, are facts documented extensively across the Indian media, civil liberty groups and high profile tribunals led by former judges. The claim of IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, that in a closed door meeting with top officials, hours before the massacres began on February 28, 2002, Modi gave clear instructions to let the mobs vent their anger, has been reported in other places too, including in a people's tribunal formed by former Supreme Court and high court judges, and eminent persons like Aruna Roy. Everything was executed, designed and planned with meticulous precision as the wave of carnage ravaged Gujarat's secular fabric. Indeed, after the killings in Godhra, there was no need to bring the dead bodies to Ahmedabad. This was done precisely to inflame passions.

Clearly, the Gujarat carnage will chase Modi like a bloody ghost till the day justice is done. In normal circumstances, he should have taken moral responsibility and quit. But why would a man who reaps the harvest of a carnage, and positions himself on this grotesque realism, ever succumb to basic human values of decency, compassion and self-introspection?

Witness what this reporter wrote in Hardnews, May 2007: "Every Muslim killed in encounters has been branded a terrorist in a state where Modi and his followers have openly asked Indian Muslims to go to Pakistan. The theoretical premise of this hate lab is wonderfully designed, like an architect who plans a town: you organise State-sponsored massacres, you put Muslims in jail, you allow the killers and rapists to go scot-free because most of them are your Sangh Parivar chums, you don't punish the communalised police, you push thousands into refugee camps and leave them to their condemned fate, you dismantle the refugee camps arbitrarily leaving thousands homeless and exiled in their own land; you block or delay FIRs or judicial processes, you block their economy, you degrade them socially, you reduce them into dependant caricatures; you bribe witnesses to turn them hostile as in the Zaheera Sheikh case, you tell the survivors – take back your complaints and we will forgive you; you create demographic, geographic, ethnic divisions as in Fascist Germany or Zionist Israel, you create a total climate of phobia and terror, and push Indian Muslims into a terrorised, ghettoised corner so that there is not an iota of hope or justice, indeed, there is no hope at all. They are second class citizens in their own country and they better accept that...."


The article is sharp and

Looks like the writer is suffering from prejudice against the Gujarat chief minister, whose party has won every election in the state in the last 10 years. The writer just wants to remember the 2002 riots and not the peace that followed. For so many years now, every citizen of Gujarat feels safe, and everyone outside Gujarat feels that once they enter the state, it would be safer for them, such is the quality of governance there. I am pretty sure my comment won’t be posted because I believe in revealing facts and not misguiding people by hate campaigns such as yours. May god give the writer the strength to overcome his prejudices.

The article is sharp and

The article is sharp and timely. Regardless of what the secular forces want, and despite the mountain of evidence gathering against Narendra Modi on a daily basis, neither will he resign, nor will the spineless UPA government take a stand on this issue. It is not only the Gujarat police and administration that is complicit in this cover-up operation. How else can one explain the refusal of three senior CBI officials to take charge of the SIT investigating the fake encounter charges? Perhaps the role of another pillar of parliamentary democracy needs to be investigated a little bit. Go back to the time when the Ishrat Jahan story first broke. I do not remember a single newspaper that had any doubt about Ishrat and her young friends being terrorists. They all lapped up the story dished out by the Maharashtra and Gujarat police. The bias runs very deep, and every Muslim is seen as a terrorist till s/he is killed and then proved innocent years later.