Mission Assassination Modi: Fake

In the same instance, the killings of young Ishrat Jahan and three others on the outskirts of Ahmedabad by the crime branch on June 15, 2004, has always been under the media and civil liberties radar as yet another fake encounter engineered by the Modi government. Mission Assassination Modi seemed to be the catchphrase of the Gujarat police every time they killed some persons in cold blood. This too added to the halo of Modi as the brave, macho man who is taking on terrorists flashing patriotic, Hindutva credentials. So is this how you perfect the art of killing innocents, including girls and boys? Oh, what a brave man indeed!

Now that the SIT has clearly stated before the Gujarat High Court that the Ishrat Jahan encounter was nothing but cold-blooded murder – they were murdered before the horrible event was enacted on that spot – the inevitable truth has become a transparent moment of revelation. This is exactly what the SP Tamang report said, and this man knew his job well: he used to be the Ahmedabad metropolitan magistrate. This is also what some parents of the unfortunate youngsters have been pleading, seeking justice from pillar to post – but nothing could touch the cold-blooded hearts of BJP or its muscle man in Gujarat.

The May 2007 Hardnews report said exactly this: "Remember the cold-blooded killings of a young girl Ishrat Jahan from Mumbra and three other 'fidayeen terrorists' in Ahmedabad on June 15, 2004? We were told then that they were on a 'mission' to assassinate Modi. Here's an excerpt from the report documented by a national civil liberties fact-finding team: 'According to the police, only one "terrorist" had stepped out and there was only one AK-56 and two pistols found among the four of them. It is indeed surprising that about 20-member strong two police teams which had surrounded the car and were well armed with AK-47 rifles and several revolvers could not capture any of them. The use of force by the police has to be commensurate with the force used by the opposite group, which does not seem to be the case in this incident. This raises doubts about their intentions which seem to be directly eliminating the accused, instead of subjecting them to the due process of law for punishing the guilty... If, on the other hand, the terrorists are said to have fired 42 rounds at the police teams, as the police claim, how is it possible that there were no injuries or bullet marks on a single policeman? The absence of injury suffered by the policemen makes it difficult to establish their claim that they fired at the terrorists in self-defence..."
The most difficult truth is that sections of the administration, the communalised police who themselves operate as sinister terrorists, and the top layers in the Modi regime have been part of this mafia, as has been pointed out by the role of his former home minister Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin encounter case, also a fake encounter. Investigations were systematically scuttled, the judicial process was delayed, criminals were protected, and the entire machinery aligned with the killers – as had happened during and after the Gujarat genocide. Activists claim that there are more than 20 cases of encounters in Gujarat. The SIT report is a pointer that many of them could be fake. Several of them were executed by ex-ATS chief DG Vanzara, now in jail with other top cops in the Sohrabuddin murder case.


The article is sharp and

Looks like the writer is suffering from prejudice against the Gujarat chief minister, whose party has won every election in the state in the last 10 years. The writer just wants to remember the 2002 riots and not the peace that followed. For so many years now, every citizen of Gujarat feels safe, and everyone outside Gujarat feels that once they enter the state, it would be safer for them, such is the quality of governance there. I am pretty sure my comment won’t be posted because I believe in revealing facts and not misguiding people by hate campaigns such as yours. May god give the writer the strength to overcome his prejudices.

The article is sharp and

The article is sharp and timely. Regardless of what the secular forces want, and despite the mountain of evidence gathering against Narendra Modi on a daily basis, neither will he resign, nor will the spineless UPA government take a stand on this issue. It is not only the Gujarat police and administration that is complicit in this cover-up operation. How else can one explain the refusal of three senior CBI officials to take charge of the SIT investigating the fake encounter charges? Perhaps the role of another pillar of parliamentary democracy needs to be investigated a little bit. Go back to the time when the Ishrat Jahan story first broke. I do not remember a single newspaper that had any doubt about Ishrat and her young friends being terrorists. They all lapped up the story dished out by the Maharashtra and Gujarat police. The bias runs very deep, and every Muslim is seen as a terrorist till s/he is killed and then proved innocent years later.