Mission Assassination Modi: Fake

I once again quote excerpts from the May 2007 article: "Now there is evidence emerging that even Sheikh's wife Kausar Bi was 'raped and killed'. There are investigation reports that she was taken to a Gandhinagar farmhouse and killed on the night of November 28, after Sheikh was killed on November 26, 2005. Her body was later carted to Vanzara's home village of Ilol in Himmatnagar, after elaborate preparations, and burnt. Even the sole witness, Tulsiram Prajapati, has been murdered. So how come a top 'anti-terrorist' cop went about this ghastly ritual over some days and nights through some complicated procedures, across some distance, with a crane in tow and a pile of wood, and the intelligence apparatus of the Modi regime had no clue?"

The Haren Pandya murder case is also not an open and shut case. His father had directly accused Modi of the killing. Sanjiv Bhatt's testimony and reported stories of Tulsiram being used for dubious causes are also doing the rounds. They will open a new can of worms for Modi.

Indeed, if the RSS and BJP have any respect for constitutional and ethical values, they should sack Modi immediately. Because this man will never resign. Even as the wheels of injustice he has unleashed will come to haunt him every day of his life. 

(Meanwhile, CPM has demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Narendra Modi saying that such a cover up could not have been possible without the acquiescence of the Chief Minister and top officials in the government. The party's statement reads, "The report of the High Court appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) that the so-called encounter killing of Ishrat Jahan and three others by the Gujarat police in June 2004 was nothing but a cold blooded murder constitutes a severe indictment of the Narendra Modi Government which has done everything in its power to shield the criminals in uniform and to assassinate the character of the young 19 year old student. The order of the High Court to file a fresh FIR and charges of murder against the police officers must be immediately complied with. The accused must be arrested without any delay. There is another crucial question which needs to be investigated. Could such a cover-up take place without the acquiescence of the Chief Minister and top officials in the Government? It is on record that at every stage of the case the Government tried to subvert the processes of justice, just as it had done in the nine cases pending before the courts on the genocide of 2002. The investigation must cover the role of the Chief Minister in the cover-up and this will not be possible as long as Modi remains in power. Justice for the victims demands that Modi quit office. The SIT report also brings into question the role of certain senior officers of central agencies who were complicit in the faking of evidence. Their role must also be investigated. The Central Government must immediately take appropriate action on this count.")


The article is sharp and

Looks like the writer is suffering from prejudice against the Gujarat chief minister, whose party has won every election in the state in the last 10 years. The writer just wants to remember the 2002 riots and not the peace that followed. For so many years now, every citizen of Gujarat feels safe, and everyone outside Gujarat feels that once they enter the state, it would be safer for them, such is the quality of governance there. I am pretty sure my comment won’t be posted because I believe in revealing facts and not misguiding people by hate campaigns such as yours. May god give the writer the strength to overcome his prejudices.

The article is sharp and

The article is sharp and timely. Regardless of what the secular forces want, and despite the mountain of evidence gathering against Narendra Modi on a daily basis, neither will he resign, nor will the spineless UPA government take a stand on this issue. It is not only the Gujarat police and administration that is complicit in this cover-up operation. How else can one explain the refusal of three senior CBI officials to take charge of the SIT investigating the fake encounter charges? Perhaps the role of another pillar of parliamentary democracy needs to be investigated a little bit. Go back to the time when the Ishrat Jahan story first broke. I do not remember a single newspaper that had any doubt about Ishrat and her young friends being terrorists. They all lapped up the story dished out by the Maharashtra and Gujarat police. The bias runs very deep, and every Muslim is seen as a terrorist till s/he is killed and then proved innocent years later.