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Ratna Raman Delhi

Have your Biscuit and eat it too
Greatly undervalued food, salty, immaculate, crispy, or sweet, biscuits are forever

An ode to Toshai

Celebrate the delicious kaleidoscope of the eternal 'madrasi' dosa in a million reincarnations across the Indian landscape of taste, delicacy and insatiable elementary desires

What magic and mystery the word chocolate evokes, bringing in its wake a long string of luxurious, languorous, delicious associations

Kalpavriksha: Celebrate the Banana Republic
With its amazing variety of delicious use, the banana and its tree are a multi-treat for the connoisseur. As summer arrives, it's time for a banana revolution

Mangoes: Bite it
The mango must be approached with the reverence due to a fruit with a hallowed genealogy. Eating a mango calls for rituals comparable to the savouring of fine wines at a tasting event

Soul drink cool
Allow a single rose petal to float atop the drink. Drink deep to be alive in this summer