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Published: December 21, 2011 - 13:58 Updated: January 31, 2012 - 15:27

2004: Reality, subverted
The movie, clearly based on the post-Godhra bloodbath, is a gutless, botched-up take on actual events
Mukul Sinha Ahmedabad

2005: The business of avoiding babies
Population control is ensconced in ideology, technology, industry and, of course, health, but at the cost of women's well-being
Bela Malik Delhi


2007: Partition of tongues
Urdu has a rich tradition among non-Muslims in North India. It is only in recent years that the language is getting confined to Muslims alone
Hasan Syed Kamaal Delhi

Busboys, Poets and Little Rock Nine
Let America be America again, let it be the dream it used to be...
Sanjay Kapoor Washington

2008: Freedom in deep-freeze
I was headed for a small dot on the map called Levi, 350km deep into the Arctic Circle in Lapland. The captain cheerily announced a day of good skiing with the outside temperature a pleasant -14°C
Mohan Guruswamy Lapland (Finland)

A Country of Dream
As it reaches the pinnacle of economic boom with the Great Olympic Games, will Superpower China change?
Amit Sengupta Beijing

2009: 'Birmingham' on the Brink

Hit by the slowdown, Small and medium enterprises are bleeding in Punjab's steel hub
Akash Bisht Mandi Gobindgarh (Punjab)

Fabric of Hunger
In Punjab's once flourishing textile sector, thousands have lost their jobs
Akash Bisht Ludhiana

Glass doesn't Gleam
In Firozabad where people breathe not air, but glass, pessimism stalks
Samarth Pathak Firozabad (UP)

This Shoe Pinches
The world class hub of the footwear industry in agra has hit the dust
Samarth Pathak Agra

Nothing Dog-matic about it
It's darkness at noon at Dharavi, the world's biggest slum. Hope trickles like wounds with country liquor brewing inside the labyrinth of infinite despair. A follow up on Slumdog Millionaire
Prabhat Sharan Mumbai

Ray of Greatness
On his 88th birth anniversary, remembering Satyajit Ray. And the making of his first classic in black and white, Pather Panchali 
Arup K De Kolkata

That curtain call...
This Naya Theatre was folk magic and high art, as rooted, relevant and eternal as Habib Tanvir and his amazing band of brilliant Chhattisgarhi actors
Salim Arif Mumbai

Angst in my Pants: HEADLINES FROM HELL 

2010: Welcome to Hotel SILK ROAD
A Japanese woman journalist and photographer brings delicate Japanese cuisine into the ravaged and beautiful landscape of the historic Bamiyan Valley where once the great Buddhas stood
Aunohita Mojumdar Kabul/Bamiyan

Kalpavriksha Celebrate the Banana Republic
With its amazing variety of delicious use, the banana and its tree are a multi-treat for the connoisseur. As summer arrives, it's time for a banana revolution
Ratna Raman Delhi

A Naxalite in Tony's Farm
Even as the mining mafia ravages beautiful Goa, a magnificent struggle is unfolding around the sacred groves and pristine rivers 
Hartman De Souza Cavorem, Quepem (South Goa)

Flash mob twist
BollyHop turns open spaces into a magical spectacle with young bodies leaping out into ecstatic flames of dancing joy
Mehru Jaffer Vienna

Gulp this Pulp!
The sleazy Hindi pulp fiction thriller continues to entice and enthrall 
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

Oye Bunty! Bunty oye
Genius Bunty, the legendary thief, has turned a new leaf. Here he narrates his amazing life and times in the world of crime, inside and outside jail
Akash Bisht Delhi

Adultery at noon
Great French filmmaker Eric Rohmer's actresses remain a puzzle on screen, daring men, breaking stereotypes, celebrating love 
Mehru Jaffer Vienna

Circle of Unreason: FOG 

The great legacy of Jim Corbett is being restored in a brilliant project in his own village in Choti Haldwani. There's a magical new ecological story unfolding at the Corbett National Park
Akash Bisht Delhi

Ground beneath her feet 
With an outburst of talent, international women's tennis is becoming a realm of magical impossibilities 
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

What will Vidya Balan bring to her role as Silk Smitha? It is a sobering thought that despite setting the male pulse racing and pumping up the adrenalin, what she brought to the audiences did little to bolster her own self-worth
Ratna Raman Delhi


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