No one knows the hand behind the Delhi bomb attack. With Israel pitching for war against Iran, why is the media jumping to prejudiced conclusions?
Akash Bisht Delhi

While Indian intelligence agencies are struggling to unearth all significant leads about the perpetrators of the bomb blast targeting Israeli diplomats in Delhi, sections of the Indian media has as usual gone overboard. Blatantly laying the blame on Iran and Shiite militant group Hezbollah (based in Lebanon), without an iota of evidence or investigation detail, some in the media conjured up fantastic theories, including that the Indian intelligence were aware that 'Iran was planning an attack'. Pray, so why didn't they stop this murderous attack? Political observers detect the marked presence of a strong Israeli lobby manipulating news, currently pitching it against Iran in a renewed and high powered propaganda and psychological war.

Needless to say, India shares "civilisational links" and friendly relations with Iran and has not joined the sanctions lobby against the country, or the shrill war cry by Israel and hardliners in the US. It has simultaneously insisted that Iran should follow the nuclear protocol as per international rules. (This too is ironical, post Pokhran II and Pakistan's Chagai nuclear blasts! What is the measure of responsibility and self control when it comes to being a nuclear power?) There has been of late immense pressure on India to stop all ties with Iran, including a strong letter by the powerful Jewish-American lobby to the Indian ambassador in the US.

Expectedly, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, within hours of the Delhi bombing, accused Iran of masterminding the attack and referred to the Islamic nation as "the largest exporter of terror in the world". This is part of a pattern. Rightwing forces in Israel and the US, and the hardline regime in Tel Aviv, has been consistently preaching in recent times to go for direct action against Iran, including pushing the tacit proposal to militarily destroy Iran's potential nuclear installations. Disturbingly, the media chose to un-objectively follow the Israeli version and ignored the harsh realities of the historic conflict between the Zionist regime and the Islamic nation, literally, on the verge of a war. The occupation of Palestine by Israeli with the help of western forces, and the ritualistic sacrifices, atrocities and tragedies in Palestine, at the hands of the Israeli armed forces, has not helped matters, even while the epicentre of conflict in the Middle-East continues to simmer without a tangible, just and humane solution.

Five nuclear scientists in Iran have been attacked by similar magnetic bombs, only one survived. Ironically, sections of the same Indian media chose to remain indifferent to these killings 

The events that unfolded after yesterday's bomb blasts in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, were uncannily similar to those in India. The news that started to trickle in after the blasts in Thailand was in many ways similar in tone and tenor to what followed the Delhi blast. Once again, the media, without any circumstantial evidence, pinned the blame on Iran and mentioned it as a part of the so-called "Iranian global terror drive". Israel, predictably, jumped to this conclusion, even while the sequence of events in the Bangkok blasts remains clouded.



Who invented terrorism? Certainly not the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), which did not exist before 1964. Rather, it was the Jewish militant group ‘Irgun’ that bombed the offices of the British Authority of Palestine in Jerusalem’s King David Hotel on July 22, 1946. In July 2006, Israelis, including Benjamin Netanyahu and former members of Irgun, attended the 60th anniversary celebrations of that bombing. The British ambassador in Tel Aviv and the consul-general in Jerusalem protested, saying, “We do not think that it is right for an act of terrorism, which led to the loss of many lives, to be commemorated.”

Indeed, it sounds like a crude joke when Israel calls Iran a terrorist state, without bothering to define the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in their own country since 1967 as State-sponsored Terrorism. The claim that Israel is the victim, not the aggressor, is nothing but fiction. To say that Israel stands tall as a beacon of democracy in an otherwise ‘dark’ Middle East, where oppression and slavery are the norm, is an insult to every democracy around the world.

I agree!

I agree!