Sex Tape embarrasses Congress

Singhvi claims that the video is morphed and that his driver is blackmailing him for money 
Hardnews Bureau Delhi
A video which allegedly shows Congress Spokesperson and noted lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi in a compromising position has caused major embarrassment to the party. 
This video, which can still be accessed on several websites, is reported to be shot by Singhvi’s driver. However, he later backtracked and insisted that the video is morphed.  Meanwhile, Singhvi has obtained a stay order from the court against broadcast of the video.  This came after reports that some news channel could air the video. Singhvi had approached the court claiming that the video is morphed and that his driver was blackmailing him for money. Experts say the Court could also initiate contempt of court proceedings for in the tape Singhvi is allegedly heard promising the women that he could get her appointed as a judge.  After being taken off from various websites, the video has reappeared on several others. However, it is not clear whether the stay order would apply to foreign media houses as well.  
Meanwhile, to avoid embarrassment, the party has taken off Singhvi from his weekly briefings at the AICC headquarters. This is the second time Singhvi, considered to be the voice and face of the party, has been sidelined. Earlier, he had embarrassed the party when he appeared for the Kerala lottery lobby when the state unit of the party was up in arms against the same lobby. Senior party leaders have since refrained from commenting on the issue. Many say they are not even interested in watching the video. Speculations are rife that more such videos involving senior cabinet ministers could land up in public domain.