Kingdom of Fear

Where do we, who dream of a progressive and enlightened Pakistan, belong in this landscape that is increasingly dominated by rightist Islamists, who have embraced militancy and sectarianism?
Ghazi Salahuddin Karachi

When you go out to walk on the streets and mingle with the crowds, you begin to wonder if this is your own, your native land. You, somehow, feel intimidated because of how you think your worldview and your convictions may differ from those of the populace. It is so easy to imagine that most of those you see on the streets would readily be converted into a mob. And you are well aware of what the mob would do when it is exhorted by a fanatic.

In recent years, a high tide of religiosity and radicalism has swept across our lives. The passion with which the Islamists of a particular bent of mind impose their will is astounding. We had ample evidence of this outburst of anger in the aftermath of the assassination of Salmaan Taseer.

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