Left Front adds another Ally

Published: February 4, 2014 - 20:11

Jayalalitha’s alliance with the left parties could trip Narendra Modi’s juggernaut 

Sadiq Naqvi Delhi  

Taking, perhaps, the first step to explore an alternative non-Congress, non-BJP government in New Delhi, Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister and AIADMK leader, Jayalalitha, entered into a pre-poll alliance with both the communist parties. 

Seen as close to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, it was long believed that Jayalalitha may go with the BJP led NDA, but Jayalalitha’s announcement threw a spanner in these hopes. This is a big setback for the BJP, as it was hoping to take advantage of AIADMK’s leaders popularity and beef up its chances to win a majority in the parliament elections. TN has 39 seats in the Lok Sabha. Jayalalitha’s decision could really hemorrhage Narendra Modi’s chances of helping BJP come to power.    

AIADMK was not keen on having a pre-poll alliance with the BJP as it could hurt its ticket. Minorities have significant percentage in this southern state and the BJP is still perceived as a North Indian Brahmanical party, which attracts trenchant opposition from the Dravidian parties. Joining hands with the left parties preserves AIADMK’s support base and helps the minorities to make up their mind about their preferred party. Besides, projecting Jayalalitha the national leader of this evolving front, this alliance would also encourage other regional parties to align with them. Nitish Kumar, Naveen Patnaik and Jagan Mohan Reddy could become part of this Front. Mulayam Singh Yadav of Samajvadi Party, too, could come around to be part of this front.

At the face of it, the initiative of left parties to join hands with the AIADMK leader may have stopped it from going with BJP, but what about the possibility of joining in a post poll scenario?

Although nothing can really ruled out in politics, sources in the communist parties claim that she is unlikely to do something so unprincipled as she could be punished by her constituents for an act so manifestly opportunistic. 

BJP wants to enlarge its presence all over the country and would endeavor to have some alliance with a political party. It is trying to rope in Vijaykant’s  DMDK to create the right atmospherics. 

Left, though, sees the alliance as a result of disgruntlement with communalization of polity. “This is the most major threat to the country at the moment,” Atul Anjan, senior leader of the CPI said. “Jayalalitha also understands it. She is known to share a good relationship with Modi. But for the larger good of the country she decided to align with us,” he adds. 

However, the parties are yet to work out a seat sharing arrangement.  “Those are minor issues. We are confident about the alliance. AIADMK has already helped one of CPI leaders get a Rajya Sabha nomination. Now they have extended support to a leader of the CPM. This explains the level of trust between the two allies,” Anjan adds

Jayalalitha’s alliance with the left parties could trip Narendra Modi’s juggernaut
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi  

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