Phantom Phones Still Ringing on Missing Malaysian Aircraft

As the world waits with bated breath on any new development on the MH370 aircraft, some relatives claim the passengers’ phones are still reachable
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

In a bizarre turn of events, a few phones aboard the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft have been found to be still ringing, with as many as 19 families claiming that they could hear the ringtone, but with no answer. It has been four excruciating days for the relatives who’re still clueless, like everyone else, about what happened to the aircraft that went missing over the South China Sea with 219 people on board. What has raised the hopes of a few relatives is the airlines’ claims of having got through the phones of crew members themselves.
This was first reported by a couple of Chinese media outlets, who claimed that the 19 families had signed a joint statement confirming they had been able to ‘connect’ with the phones of their relatives onboard the fated aircraft, but had not been able to get any response. Some families and friends claimed to have seen the status of the passengers ‘online’ on social media sites.

While it has renewed hopes of family members distraught by the plight of the passengers, some are sceptical and suggest that it could be because of a faulty phone service network. Experts say hearing the ringtone does not mean the ‘phone’ is actually ringing. It could be that the company is searching for network and when it’s not able to connect, terminates the call.

But this has given plenty of fodder to those suggesting conspiracy theories in the wake of the disappearance. What’s unfathomable to most is how in this day and age, something as huge as a 747 airliner could disappear into thin air. Even if it disintegrated at an altitude, there’s bound to be some wreckage and debris that could be discovered by the 50+ vessels and aircraft employed in the search operations.

After the identity of the two men who were travelling on stolen passports was disclosed, the terrorist hijacking angle is largely being dropped now. However, other esoteric explanations are being offered aplenty, from alien abduction to wormholes to even a miniature black hole being blamed for the disappearance of the plane.