The South could spring a surprise

The damage caused by the shortage of power and consequent shuttering of industries in the state is fodder for the BJP-led alliance. Thousands of small and medium enterprises have had to close down. Other companies have also been impacted by the dismal power situation. As a political observer pointed out, the power crisis and job losses were a far bigger issue in Tamil Nadu than corruption. The young are deeply impressed with Modi and his promise to bring in development and create jobs.

The precise percentage of shift to the BJP-led alliance is unclear, but the dominant view is that this is hurting the AIADMK and helping the DMK.

Predictions are tricky as voting in these parts is heavily influenced by money and state power. Reports of large-scale vote buying and candidates spending as much as Rs 25 crore are making the rounds. The moot question is how much impact a four-cornered contest and a blizzard of vote buying will have in a state where results were not too difficult to predict until the
last elections.

This story is from the print issue of Hardnews: MAY 2014