Modi routs Congress!

For the first time after 1984, a single party majority government will take oath in Delhi  

Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

After being decimated and reduced to what looks like a little above 60 seats, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh along with the entire UPA 2 cabinet will submit their resignation to the resident tomorrow making way for Narendra Modi and his new cabinet. 

The Congress party which was leading the coalition government has been reduced to a pitiful 48 seats with most of its top leadership losing the elections. Barring party president Sonia Gandhi, son Rahul and Captain Amrinder Singh, the former Chief Minister of Punjab who trumped senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley in Amritsar, mostly all other senior leaders had to face the wrath of the electorate with the voters deciding to show them the door. It has been the worst performance by the Congress party since Independence and senior party leaders point out that soon the knives will be out for Rahul Gandhi.   

Meanwhile, for the BJP, it has been a spectacular victory. Riding on the promise of a faster growth, more robust economy and communal polarization, especially in UP, where the saffron party is slated to win a mammoth 72 seats, it has been able to secure a majority on its own, defying most pollsters who were looking at slightly lesser number. BJP has swept Rajasthan, Goa, Gujarat and Uttarakhand beside bagging almost 43 seats in Maharashtra where it fought the elections with Shiv Sena. In UP, the BJP polled second on five other constituencies. 

The biggest surprise, however, again comes from UP where Mayawati’s BSP is facing the most serious crisis of her career as it failed to bag even a single seat. Even in the run-up to the polls, there was a suggestion that the core votebank of the party may have shifted in favour of the BJP. Moreover, the party chief seemed to be missing in action when the BJP’s Amit Shah and other leaders were consolidating their reach in her pockets. 

However, the other regional players like the AIADMK and the TMC performed rather well in their respective states, with J Jayalalitha’s party getting 38 seats and Mamata Banerjee winning 34 seats. In Odisha too, the BJD is slated to win 19 seats.