Gurgaon: Traffic nightmare continues on NH-8

Published: July 30, 2016 - 16:25

Water logging cuts off Gurgaon from Jaipur, people left stranded
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi


A team of National Highway Authorities of India (NHAI) was rushed to Gurgaon by Union Road Minister Nitin Gadkari to aid a waterlogged Gurgaon. The city came to a still in the wee office hours of Friday morning as overnight rains resulted in water logging and extreme traffic snarls. Traffic broke down in the submerged areas of Shona road, Hero Honda Chawk, Cyber City, Huda City Center, IFFCO Chawk and others. The breakdown and poor drainage conditions forced Chief Minister to call an emergency meeting. 

Informing people about the traffic nightmare Gurgaon Police issued an advisory through Twitter. The Gurgaon traffic police tweeted, “people coming to Gurgaon from Delhi are advised to stay back today to avoid being stuck in traffic jams due to flooded roads.” Officials at the traffic police call center said that there was a major spike in number of calls enquiring about the situation on NH-8 which connects the city to Jaipur. Traffic plying towards Rajasthan and Maharashtra was stuck on NH-8 which could only be cleared by Friday afternoon. 

Traffic Police blamed the poor drainage system developed in the millennium city as the main cause behind regular water logging. They said that despite several complaints the Gurgaon Municipal Corporation (GMC) and Public Works Department (PWD) has paid no heed. Traffic Inspector Sunil Dutt said that, “the jam was mainly due to the problem of poor water drainage in the area which was worsened by the overnight rains that continued through the day. We were able to clear traffic by 1 pm once we diverted it towards Sadar Bazar,” added Dutt.

District Magistrate has issued orders for an emergency requisition to initiate flash flood management works for next three days. 

Gurgaon has been regularly facing problems related to poor drainage planning. Local residents said that the roads in the area are full of potholes and poor maintenance by the Corporation adds to the worsening conditions. 

A two day holiday was declared by the Gurgaon DM in the morning which created confusion as some of the school buses were already out on roads ferrying students. Hitting at the opportunity AAP attacked the BJP led state government. Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia tweeted, “just by renaming Gurgaon to Gurugram will not lead to developments, for development there is a need to make plans and then implement them, mere catchphrases will not clear the jams.” 

The traffic snarl started at the National Highway-8 on Thursday night after heavy showers which continued till next morning. Traffic officials opined that the situation might resurface in the evening as office commuters’ return from Delhi and adjoining areas. 

Municipal Corporation had initiated the process of draining water from the roads and was hopeful of maintaining the current situation in the evening as well. They said that the water is being cleared from roads at a fast pace to improve traffic in the region. 

Water logging cuts off Gurgaon from Jaipur, people left stranded 
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

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