Head to Head: LG and AAP clarify their views on new orders

No Animosity with Arvind Kejriwal says Jung, Sisodia raises questions on the need of an elected government in Delhi 
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

Terming it a historical decision by the High Court to uphold the office of Lieutenant Governor in the National Capital Territory, LG Dr Najeeb Jung said that the decision maintains the sanctity of the constitution. The high Court in a decision on Thursday expressed that the state government’s contention that LG should act on the advice of the cabinet of ministers is not sustainable. Jung expressed that he has no animosity with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on any matter, he is just trying to improve those files being sent to him on the basis of the constitution before notifying.

Holding a picture frame of the oath of office administered to him as the LG of Delhi Jung said that, “we are here to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and not work against it.” Referring to his continuous contention with the Chief Minister he said that Najeeb Jung and Arvind Kejriwal cede to exist once into public office, we are not rulers of this country we are to work in confinement with the roles and frameworks of our offices and positions.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister addressing a press conference said that it’s not about CM v/s Jung, it’s about elected government v/s selected officials. We fully respect Delhi High Court, but we have a Constitutional right to disagree with their verdict, and will approach the SC.” He raised his concern on the need of an election in the UT, if LG is not bound by the advice of council of ministers. Blaming the central government in the current situation he added, “Since 1993 the Anti Corruption Bureau has always been a part of Delhi government, but when AAP came to power the central government took it away.” Taking a jibe at the center the Deputy CM and Education Minister retorted that, “It is because AAP brought about a 'vyavastha parivartan' (change in the system) that a crisis began in Delhi. There was no such crisis during previous governments.”

On matter related to the appointment of 21 Parliament Secretaries which is now subjudice in the Election Commission Jung said that there was no consultation from his office and denied to comment on the current situation. 

Blaming the media for exaggerating the confrontation between the two government offices, he expressed that all such reports floating in the media about LG’s office rejecting almost 90 percent of the files being sent by the government are false. Jung categorically said that, “of 150-200 files that we have received to be notified there were some problems in provisions of which just 4-5 files which have been returned to the state government for improvement with recommendations.”   

Rubbing away the allegations from the state government on his association and working on the directions of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led central government Jung said that, “I am a delegate and representative of the President, there is no question of my not working and I report to the central government but it is a misnomer that we act contrary to the interests of the state government.”