Nagaland Governor asks CM Shurhozelie to obtain ‘Vote of Confidence’

Kohima: Nagaland Governor, P B Acharya has repeated his request on Chief Minister Dr Shurhozelie “To positively prove his majority on the floor of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly” on or before July 15.

According to a statement issued by the PRO of the Governor informed responding to the letter on Thursday by Dr Liezietsu, Acharya said the chief minister’s refusal to summon an Emergent Session of the 12th NLA did not seem justified. Acharya pointed out that the Chief Minister in his reply did not refute the claim of TR Zeliang of enjoying the support of 44 MLAs in a house of 59. He contended that it was not whether “this issue” was an internal party matter of NPF, but whether the chief minister enjoyed the support of the majority of the members of the House. Acharya also informed Dr Liezietsu that, from the material available “It prima facie appeared that the chief minister had lost the support of the majority of the Members of the House.” The Governor, therefore, requested the chief minister to call for an emergent session of the 12th NLA to prove his majority on the floor of the House as early as possible. On the plea of bye-election being another issue, the Governor opined that the bye-election was for only one constituency.

“By no stretch of imagination it can be presumed that because of this (bye-election) the Council of Ministers cannot recommend the summoning of a special session of the State Assembly,” said the governor in an indignant tone. Acharya made it clear of being convinced that Zeliang had majority support of 41 MLAs among the 59 legislators of the DAN Government. Acharya reiterated that it was not a matter of the NPF, but the DAN, in which Shurhozelie clearly did not have a majority with him. He further opined that though Shurhozelie was the chief minister, he was yet to become an elected member. He described Shurhozelie as nominated by the DAN legislature party, but that it was T. R. Zeliang who was the actual leader of the House from among the elected members. “Moreover, Zeliang is also the DAN chairman,” said Acharya.

Meanwhile, the 41 NPF and Independent MLAs who have been camping in a resort in Kaziranga National Park could not return to Kohima yesterday in view of the unprecedented floods that had inundated more than 75 per cent of the Kaziranga National Park area. They are likely to be evacuated by boats today morning so that they can leave for Kohima.

(With inputs from UNI)