Taliban at the Doorstep?

Taliban capturing Swat. ‘Special Pakistani Forces’ of trained jihadis penetrating the LoC in Kashmir. America playing a double game. Is the Indian government at all serious about this apocalyptic threat? Sanjay Kapoor Hague / Delhi

Line of No Control

India should be wary of Washington's deceptive Afghan-Pak policy

Zorawar Daulet Singh Delhi, Hardnews

Time check

Sometime in March 2001, two giant Buddhas carved into a cliff centuries ago were destroyed at Bamiyan, Afghanistan. At 53 metres (175 feet) and 36 metres (120 feet), the statues were the tallest standing Buddhas in the world.
By Jyoti Atwal


A dead end democracy

The coalition in Afghanistan is insufficient, in the long run, in building a state
By Moska Najib Delhi

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