Batla House

For the Record: Delhi Police Encounters

From the CP encounter in 1997 to the recent encounter of Manoj Vashisht, Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association sees a pattern to these killings carried out by the Delhi Police

Lest we Forget: The Batla House Case, six years on

Released by Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association 

Don’t fake it

So why call the encounter real when it’s strikingly fake?

Your House, My House: Batla House

Amit Sengupta

The centre of the vicious circle?

Muslims demand judicial enquiry on the Batla House encounter

Samarth Pathak, Delhi Hardnews

Thursday, Jan 29

Something Unusual...

Moments after, Hardnews found locals were convinced that it was a fake encounter
Akash Bisht / Khalid Akhtar Delhi

Real or Fake?

If one of the cases they have built up so hurriedly falls apart, the entire edifice of the Batla House case might fall apart
Amit Sengupta Delhi

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