India’s tolerance for genocide

The tolerance that India was once so admired for is being systematically ripped to shreds by the ‘culural genocide’ unleashed by the RSS and its cohorts
Jairus Banaji Delhi 

Why the victory of Bihar wasn’t about secularism

Using the discourse of secularism to garner votes on the basis of caste, and use it to consolidate a venal system of power is the most distasteful aspect of this triumph of secularism 
Rajat Datta Delhi 

Intolerance Graph

India is being brutalised by intolerance and the State is dismissive of it
Ratna Raman Delhi 

Corruption: Azad pegs away at DDCA mess

The Kejriwal government’s probe into long-alleged financial irregularities in the DDCA could finally clean up the organisation’s Augean stables
Akshay Sharma Delhi 

Climate of Intolerance: Down the well of religious bigotry

India is showing a worrying trend to take the same path of religious exclusivism as Pakistan did – and suffered the consequences
Raza Rumi Ithaca

Climate of Intolerance: Question still begs an answer

The climate of intolerance that has taken hold of the country cannot be controlled by reduction in carbon emissions, but it can surely be tempered if the leader in Modi, who can sway the masses with his speeches, makes up his mind
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Bihar’s thwack in the face of the BJP

The state is not as communally polarised as neighbouring UP and Bihari sub-nationalism had a stronger pull than religious issues in the polls
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi 

Congress’ creeping Revival

The Bihar elections have helped to revive the Congress party, but only as a minor partner
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Bihar: Poll Heist that Failed

What did the pollsters expect by creating a phantasmagoria of a BJP win?
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

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