‘I feel very much at home in India’: Melba Pria

Hardnews Bureau

On the occasion of Mexico’s 207th National Day, ambassador Melba Pria speaks to Hardnews about the significance the day holds for the country and also delves into the scope and nature of the Latin American nation’s relations with India, especially in the backdrop of the changing geopolitics in the region

Demonetisation: No Contrition and No Cash

Mohan Guruswamy

India has lost about Rs 3L crores of GDP due to an act of incredible stupidity - demonetization. The nation has to recover from this self-inflicted injury and make up for lost time and the gigantic financial loss
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Hardnews Exclusive: ‘Demonetisation is an Attack on the Cooperative Banking System’

Sanjay Kapoor

Over 1,25,000 crores is stuck in the cooperative banking system in Kerala bringing the state economy to a grinding halt
Sanjay Kapoor Thrissur

How Bawana is becoming an industrial wasteland

Shibu Kumar Tripathi

Once looked upon as the next big MSME hub, Bawana has become an area where few businessmen want to set up shop
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi 

It need not be Japan or China for India

For two countries that so distrust each other, they sure do a lot of business together
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

MODI MANIA hits the Markets

With the steady rise of the Sensex and FIIs since the September 2013 announcement of his candidacy, Modi may have been holding the bull’s horns the entire time
Sukumar Muralidharan Delhi

Steeling up for global dominance

The danger is that economic nationalism might well derail Mittal Steels' takeover bid
By N Chandra Mohan Delhi

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