Bomb blast

Lt. Col. Purohit gets bail, activists ask what about other terror accused?

Hardnews Bureau

Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association (JTSA) released a press statement and said that they hoped the ‘justice’ granted to Colonel Purohit is extended to all terror-accused, irrespective of their religion

Riyadh’s long arm in Afghanistan

The latest blast in Kabul is but another ominous sign of the Saudi-Pakistani game plan underway in Afghanistan 
Shrinivas S Sohoni Delhi

“Any attacks in the future in Kabul will be entirely by the pro-Pakistan groups who want to create a new bogey — the ISIS bogey”

Hardnews Foreign Policy spoke with Anand Arni after the recent terror attacks in Kabul, which killed 120 people. The interview touched up the possible causes for the recent spurt in violence, the involvement of Pakistan and the complicated scenario unfolding in the war-torn country

Hindutva Terror: Prejudice, in the time of nationalism

Rohini Salian’s revelations underline that the nation is in the hands of a muscular and hyper-Hindu nationalism
Manisha Sethi Delhi

‘ISIS’ in Afghanistan: Spectre or Mirage?

The declared goals of ISIS are territorial conquest and the establishment of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, ahead of a predicted apocalypse of Islamic theology. Is Afghanistan on their radar?
Shrinivasrao S Sohoni Dili

TADA is dead, will Memon live?

Why must Yakub hang? There is little evidence of his direct involvement in the blasts
Manisha Sethi Delhi 

Who pulled the trigger on Hemant Karkare?

In light of the National Investigation Agency's(NIA) U-turn with regards to the Malegaon blasts case it is important to revisit and reassess the circumstances in which Hemant Karkare the head of ATS was killed. The NIA has cast aspersions on the manner in which the Anti-terrorism squad(ATS) led by Karkare conducted the investigation and allegedly found the hand of Right wing hindu organisations like Abhinav Bharat. The new NIA chargesheet threatens to overthrow the findings made by Karkare
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Unanswered questions still haunt

Sanjay Kapoor

The manner in which the first anniversary of the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai is being observed has the makings of the theatre of the absurd.

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