Book Reviews

Concern from the Clouds

Nevertheless, the book, despite its limitations, is a welcome addition in the ever-increasing literature on Indian Muslims
Mahtab Alam Delhi 

Global Sex in The Arab World Through Shereen’s Lens

In keeping with that spirit, Sex and the Citadel does not leave out any subject that would have been thought to be “too bold”
Ranjita Biswas Kolkata 


’It has taken me many years to recover from the trauma of 1992. It was like partition all over again’
Mahtab Alam Delhi


Neoliberal Economic policies: Gods that failed
Sarbeswar Sahoo Delhi  

The view in Riyadh is that Iranians are principal beneficiaries of the US intervention in Iraq

Talmiz Ahmad, spoke to Hardnews, on the sidelines of the release of his new book. Excerpts…Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

Memory as Bad Faith

Makiko Kimura speaks to Hardnews on the Nellie massacre, riots and State-sponsored killings
Amit Sengupta Delhi

We are always running around, wanting to accumulate more and more

Amidst the chaos and the crowd, a new dream was quietly born within me. At first I laughed at it, then I accepted it, finally, I embraced it
Mehru Jaffer Lucknow 

Portrait of a Stone Thrower as a Blind Man

The book under review is an anthology on Kashmir which ably chronicles the multiple and complex forms and layers of resistance, written mostly by Kashmiris living inside and outside the Valley
Mahtab Alam Delhi 

‘I rest my pen here, for a moment. I have time to decide’

Pa also sings for a living. He leaves early in the morning, going from house to house, singing songs about God, love, pain and happiness
Amit Sengupta Delhi 

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