Book Reviews

Box Office Fantasy

No wonder, the book spins and spoofs the IPL: the hyped, sleazy, multi-billion cricket league run by the stunningly unaccountable, super, super rich BCCI
Sandeep Kumar Delhi 

Trapped in the Haqqani web

Fountainhead of Jihad is a crucial document that goes beyond the usual rhetoric of ‘the Taliban’ and delves into the nuances of the insurgency
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

‘Write down what you saw, what you heard, what you endured’

Aziz’s Notebook was written immediately after the events described, and is extremely powerful to read. Violent Belongings is an academic attempt to “trace the political economy of memory”
Jaya Bhattacharji Rose Delhi

Masked Myth

Sood introduces a collection of 10 essays that help us understand the Gujarat ‘growth’ story and underlines that policy initiatives in this coastal state have had disastrous implications for the poor and the marginalized
Poornima Joshi Delhi

Not Really a ‘Cave Marxist’

The book reveals the financial dependence of the CPC on Moscow from its beginning in 1921 to the late 1950s which was one of the reasons for the party to remain subordinate to the Kremlin
Akash Bisht Delhi

New books on the shelf

A brief introduction of a few new releases in the world of books
Souzeina Mushtaq Delhi

Season of scams

Chowdhury hints why this scam was allowed to perpetuate even when its nature and modus operandi were known at the top. Interestingly, he says that the rupee-rouble trade agreement was, at every stage, negotiated by Manmohan Singh in different capacities
Sanjay Kapoor  Delhi


Everyday Resistance

Women became second-class citizens in Iran after the Iranian revolution of 1979. After the revolution, the Islamic regime forced veiling, invoked polygamy, gender segregation, surveillance, and revoked laws under the Shah which gave limited space and freedom to women
Shakeel Anjum Delhi

Bad Faith

Invoking Marx and Engels’s German Ideology, Anderson’s book sets out to test the ‘idea of India’ against the reality
Rajesh Sharma Delhi

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