Book Reviews

The Violence of Hunger

The book is an important addition to the available literature on Binayak Sen, the issues of public health and the state of democracy in India and its institutions
Mahtab Alam Delhi

The Wind that Howled

Was Alexei there? He was seen, he was with the Iron Guard. But there were no witnesses left among the Jews. So who can tell?
Poornima Joshi Delhi 

The Making of a Sadhvi

Indeed, the ritual value of sadhvis is considerable. They give sermons, conduct prayers and take general charge of the spiritual needs of the laity
Namrata R Ganneri Mumbai 

Habib Tanvir: More than a legend

The story of Habib Tanvir is parallel to the story of the emergence of modern Indian theatre in independent India. His initiation coincides with the quest to redefine Indian theatre and other art forms around the 1940s with the formation of the Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA)
Salim Arif Mumbai 

Resources of Resilience and Resistance

The pieces on writers Ananmurthy and Kambara provide accounts of the relationship between the literary and political in Karnataka and India
Sailen Routray Bengaluru

Chicken soup for the Indian polity

There is no doubt that the political class is acting with absolute impunity, cocooned from any fear of castigation
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Darjeeling Dreams

The (in)famous Darjeeling tea has made millionaires out of smart people who have worked their way up leaving thousands of tea workers as bonded, impoverished labourers
Claudia Joshi Agra 

Power and Glory, Blindfolded

Capitalism capitalises on human greed. That’s why it is called capitalism. China and India will not forgo development, as they still have a long way to go before ameliorating poverty, leave alone eradicating it

Great Indian Roadways

Does this travelogue make me want to buy a Royal Enfield Bullet of my own and attempt to traipse across the rocky countryside?
Aditi Agrawal Delhi 

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