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Democracy’s failing light

Once the big retail chains enter, suicide might well be the only option left for those who sell vegetables on the streets, besides others like hawkers, roadside vendors and kabariwallahs
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

In the Hot Unconscious

India is an amalgamation of communities and can thus, have a literary laboratory to carry out some of the ideas said Foster
Aditi Agrawal Delhi


Tamasha In Bandargaon

The back leaf of the book quite boldly claims to be ‘reminiscent of R. K. Narayan’s Malgudi Days’. With such an assertion, Navneet Jagannathan has quite large shoes to fill
Aditi Agrawal Delhi


Epic Graphic

It’s time to recover and restore the untouchable
Sailen Routray Bengaluru

Godless on Sunday

A Sunday morning set aside for worship, followed by fellowship, a communal gathering over refreshments, in itself imparts a peaceful rhythm to the mad pace of daily life
Jaya Bhattacharji Rose Delhi 

‘What a Woman She Was’

Sociologist Anuradha Ghandy died young, for a revolution. These notes from the underground bring her back to life
Aakshi Magazine Delhi

No Prophet of Doom

Review: The Politics of Climate change and the Global crisis: Mortgaging our Future
Hartman D Souza Goa 

This is a History Only a Thing Can Tell

Those who are on the losing side, those whose societies are conquered or destroyed, often have only their things to tell their stories
Jaya Bhattacharji Rose Delhi 

Rahul Gandhi: Imagined Inheritor or Raw Clay?

While he recognizes the reality of ‘two Hindustans’ how does he plan to address it?
Joe Athialy Delhi

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