Book Reviews

Lashkar’s Jehad

After the Mumbai carnage, the LeT is spreading its wings
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi


Sita’s Ramayana

It showcases the female gaze, as opposed to the clichéd male gaze
Amit Sengupta Delhi

The Whimsical Muse

The books tell important stories, based on actual events couched in fiction, and yet slide out of the crevices of one's head, leaving little trace of memories
Ratna Raman Delhi

Dimple vs Ray: The Best of Quest

Signs of the times, in prose and poetry
Akash Bisht Delhi

Glitz and Gutter: Sphere of Influence

How the mind and intestines of cricket were changed in India
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

The Hermit and the Householder

The Hindu worldview is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle that speaks through two critical pieces: the hermit's perspective in the myths of Shiva and the householder's viewpoint in the lore of Vishnu
Satyadeep Delhi

Conflict Zone Machismo

Femininity is meant to complement the armed version of masculinity
Amit Sengupta Delhi

The Gandhi from Orbassano

Despite its hagiographical tenor, this biography of Sonia Gandhi illumines parts of her life that have long remained in the shadows
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi


Cryptic Clue For 6 Down Of The Daily Crossword

It’s not just corporates. The entire planet is on skid row. Because the share market and its high priests have a say in almost everything we do today
Amit Sengupta Delhi

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