Understanding The Drivers of Modi’s Pakistan Policy

Hardnews Bureau

In his three years in office, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried different approaches with Pakistan
Aryaman Bhatnagar Delhi

How China’s delivery entices Nepal

At no other time in the past were so many Nepalis so strongly anti-India and in favour of deeper engagement with China
Subindra Bogati Kathmandu 

Withdraw or face the consequences, China threatens India

As the border stand-off between India and China enters its second month, China has said that withdrawal of troops is the basis of settling the issue
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Regional tug of war

Sanjay Kapoor

On May 5, the Indian space agency fired a meteorological and communication satellite to provide mapping and early warning to countries of South Asia including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan,

Over 700 Indian, Pak citizens call for “uninterruptible” dialogue

Hardnews Bureau

In a joint statement, a group of people from both India and Pakistan urged their governments to resolve the issues straining the bilateral ties via uninterrupted dialogue
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Rojava: A revolution for our times

Travelling in Rojava is to witness a revolution experimenting with a form of stateless, direct democracy with women’s liberation, race and class equality at the heart of it
Rahila Gupta

Punjab: ‘Those who live in border areas are extremely backward’

Abeer Kapoor Delhi 

‘Stateless’, ’Infiltrators’, ’Trafficked victims’, ’Bangladeshis’: Who are the Rohingyas?

The problem with authorities in countries that the Rohingyas seek asylum in is that they consider them  economic migrants and a threat to security
Sucharita Sengupta Kolkata

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