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40 years after Emergency

Like in fascist Italy, trains ran on time and government moved faster and better. Besides, there was less corruption
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Editorial: Emergency Recall

Like Indira Gandhi, Putin or Erdogan, if you think that media criticism is part of a larger foreign conspiracy then your perception of democracy is flawed
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Iconography of the Emergency: Official narratives versus the People

What the imposition of the internal emergency really meant for the people and the press and how the government’s propaganda machinery worked overtime
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Agriculture: DEATH OF A FARMER

Flawed government policies and the domination of the Maharashtra sugar lobby are driving sugarcane farmers to suicide

Northeast: The poignancy of Engagement

Nabanipa Bhattacharjee Delhi 

Northeast: ‘National register of citizenship is unreliable’

Sadiq Naqvi Guwahati

Dimapur lynching: Law follows the mob. And media?

Patricia Mukhim Shillong 

Northeast:‘Identity should be based on geographical boundaries in 1947’

Sadiq Naqvi Guwahati

Northeast: Circle of Suspicion

Sanjoy Hazarika Delhi 

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