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"There is no Constitution in Chhattisgarh anymore"

Anybody can be picked up, branded as Maoist and jailed, beaten up, smashed, charged with dubious cases, ordinary people are killed, tribal women get raped and assaulted.....
Harsh Dobhal Dantewada/Delhi


No Reality in Realty

Says one: I’m going to make Burj Dubai and Taipei 101 look like SnowWhite’s dwarfs! Says another: Tell the ad agency, ‘Private plunge pools filled with.........
Rupa Gulab Mumbai


Escape from Freedom

The reformation of the self is the first step to independence, argued Gandhi in Hind Swaraj. In its centenary year, an exhibition takes this text as a reference point, and probes the ‘progress’ of India
Aritra Bhattacharya Mumbai


A long night’s day

After the storm she has weathered for a large part of her life, she knows how vulnerable sex workers are and the stigma attached to them by the society. The indomitable spirit of Bharati Dey inspires her sisters in the profession
Rakhi Chakrabarty Kolkata/Delhi


Blowin’ in the wind

Obama has read the writing on the wall. The real outcome of the Copenhagen summit is the progressive devaluation of the EU and emergence of a new global architecture
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi


An akhara of aspirations

Young wrestlers in the invisible margins, ignored by the sports establishment, prepare for another year of reckoning and recognition
Akash Bisht Delhi


So I say, Thank you for the music.

It might be jazz but it will speak of us. We need not carry sitars and tablas. Meet the young new band of Indian musicians on the edgy threshold of sound and symphony
Ankita Chawla Delhi


Desert fantasies: Why the gloom of doom haunts

As techno bureaucrats and rich kulaks get ready with their toasts to the rhetoric of irrigated farming, the ‘idea of the Indira Gandhi canal’ rolling on the chest of Thar, rehearses a tragedy
Rahul Ghai Bikaner


Health is not the only DISEASE

Nepal’s flourishing ‘76 million dollar-a-year’ AIDS industry aside, most young women were turning widows in a western mountain district with no clue as to how to fight this apocalypse. Until, a group of idealists arrived with the best in healthcare
Anil Bhattarai Toronto/Kathmandu

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