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Pick up the lost thread

Instead of clichéd nationalism and official discourse, the people of Nepal and India can creatively redefine their relations Anil Bhattarai Kathmandu/Toronto

Af-Pak: US’ indecent proposal

India seems to be left out in the cold due to strategic confusion and lack of foresight among its security managers on Af-Pak policy Zorawar Daulet Singh Delhi

Hardnews Exclusive: The Rise & Rise of CHINA

What implications can China’s military modernisation and strategic manoeuvers have on South Asia and the world? Jayadeva Ranade Delhi

The idea of success

Or is it that billionaire celebrities and overnight ad-icons help us hide the transparent truth that we are basically a battered nation of infinite, all-round failures...


Safe India: Only in dreams

Many terror attacks later, Centre and state governments are still planning about improving the security architecture. By the time ideas are translated into action, India remains vulnerable to more attacks


Get MEAningful

Who drives Indian foreign policy? Or is it yet again a ‘drafting error’?


The Best World Class Open-Air Male Public Urinal in the World

The Great Indian Male Pisser is a great iconoclast. He doesn’t even spare the gods


Drink this poison YOU MUST

As Delhi gears up for the Commonwealth Games, how is the city going to treat waste water and effluents?


Don’t tell me what to read

Truth can be akin to blasphemy if people are not allowed to decide for themselves what the truth is

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