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All’s not LOST for CPM

Given the strong traditions of anti-Congress, anti-BJP ideology of Bengal, it is theoretically possible for the CPM to recover lost ground if they make some course corrections Nilanjana Gupta Kolkata

A Synthesiser for Mamata

The fiery Mamata Banerjee, obsessed with throwing out “fascist CPM” from Bengal, loves her spartan lifestyle
Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi


BEST of times, WORST of times

For 32 years, the CPM has replaced the rule of law by partisan rule in West Bengal, specialising in crimes like..... Sunanda Sanyal Kolkata

No interpreter of maladies

Uninterrupted power for 32 years has blunted the sensibilities of the Left to feel the pulse of the people. The communists had raised expectations when they swept to power in 1977. But, they failed to live up to it. Instead, they injected sloth and nepotism in every state-run institution Rakhi Chakrabarty Kolkata/Delhi

The Poverty of Philosophy

CPM and its tailist loyalists can’t find the ground beneath their feet. They are fast losing the ABC of Dialectical Materialism Amit Sengupta Delhi

Midnight’s CHILDREN

People refuse to be taken for a ride anymore. They will no more accept half measures and betrayals Amit Sengupta Delhi

Celebs DON’T SELL & Pappu DIDN'T VOTE!

A slew of celeb shows and crores spent did not attract young voters.... Samarth Pathak Delhi

LEFT scripted its DEFEAT

Unless the CPM puts its house in order, it has to remain in political wilderness for decades ahead. Even Left Front partners can desert it sounding the death knell for the party
Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi/Kolkata


The MAYA of Statues

Mayawati’s magic is fading. Her politics is in decline. Even Dalits are ditching her Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

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