Panacea promised

Nikhil Thiyyar

Generic drugs are an important piece of India’s healthcare puzzle but they are not the solution to all ills. The government’s decision to make compulsory prescription of generic drugs is a shortsighted one
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi

Racism: Walking the fault line

Shalini Sharma

The recent attack on four Nigerians in Greater Noida has once again exposed the racism that pervades our society, from top to bottom. But it has uncovered another problem that’s bigger in magnitude: our refusal to accept our intolerance 
Shalini Sharma Noida

BSF recovers 2 kg heroin from Punjab border

Jalanadhar: The Border Security Force (BSF) recovered two kg heroin and 65 gm opium from Punjab border.

M Cream: When Revolution comes half baked

A pretentious and muddled story about rebels without a pause or a cause. There is not much weed here either
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi

Narcotics: Make (Drugs) in India

The drug problem in Punjab that has taken the media by storm is a hydra-headed monster and, contrary to perceptions, very much born and raised in the country rather than across the border
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Udta Punjab: A Catalyst for Change?

Positioned at the intersection of various debates, Udta Punjab may be judged for the precedent it has set rather than the film it is, but that is no reason to complain
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

Ban on Booze: Short cut, fig leaf, knee jerk

Nitish Kumar’s anti-alcohol package may be a classic socially-themed blockbuster in the recognisable traditions of the Indian nation-state, but it is scarily disdainful of history and ground realities
Dhruba Basu Delhi

Punjab: ‘Those who live in border areas are extremely backward’

Abeer Kapoor Delhi 


Punjab is faced with a serious crisis. Drugs have become synonymous with the business and political classes. Narcotics are coming in, and a multibillion-crore-rupee international cartel is sending them out as well
Abeer Kapoor Delhi 

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