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How India Can Create Jobs Immediately

Hardnews Bureau

The Indian government is faced with a challenging  task, that of job creation. Hardnews spoke to eminent economist Santosh Mehrotra on how the country can use existing policies to create millions of jobs.

Hardnews Bureau


Why India needs more half-way homes for the mentally ill

Shalini Sharma

As the gaze of the world shifts to the status of mental healthcare, Hardnews visits the only State-run half-way home in Delhi and looks at the status of treated mental patients across India

A Prison Inside the Mind

Madhurima Dhanuka

More than 5,000 people with mental illness are currently imprisoned across India and despite the law’s corrective measures, little has been implemented

Madhurima Dhanuka

The Pill and the Mind

Alok Bajpai

India’s doctors increasingly use pharmacological solutions to treat mental health issues, but that may be leading us down the wrong path

Dr Alok Bajpai Kanpur

Referendums and the Idea of a Nation

Hardnews Bureau

Unions are unequal in nature, Catalonia’s Independence leads to questions about how regions give more than they get

Hardnews Bureau

Within the arc of Chinese influence

Sanjay Kapoor

Despite best efforts by SLFP-UNP government to renegotiate port deals and avoid debt trap, Sri Lanka's sovereignty could still be challenged by Chinese enlargement
Sanjay Kapoor Hambantota & Colombo

Right to privacy: A Stop sign for an overreaching Aadhaar?

Mohammed Afeef

The Supreme Court’s verdict upholds the citizen’s right, but how the government and its Aadhaar project respond is to be seen
Mohammed Afeef Bengaluru

Health: Where is the cure?

While allocating more funds to biomedical research and development will help, the problem also calls for a more serious course correction at several levels
Shalini Sharma Delhi

Chronicles of Machu Picchu

Sonali Ghosh Sen

In Peru the adventure lies in the breathtaking journey and not the destination
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi

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