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Hunger kills

Why do governments in India refuse to accept mass malnutrition and starvation deaths, while the reality is so intensely stark, widespread and tragic?
Shaweta Anand Delhi

Bloody Steel

The Naveen Patnaik regime has unleashed the terror of police and party goons to push the Tata steel plant at any cost. Even if democracy is crushed at gun-point
Bibhuti Pati Kalinganagar (Orissa)

Posco Fiasco

The Orissa government, backed by the Centre, brutally unleashes the police on its own people to keep its promise to Posco. Will the people overcome the challenge and save their life, land and livelihood from absolute ruin?
Bibhuti Pati Jagatsinghpur (Orissa)

Realty Games

Even health schemes are put on hold to fund the 12-day extravaganza. Secrecy, evictions, galloping costs, fund diversion and sheer illegalities — yet another report brings out the dirty truth about CWG
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi