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Another day in the woods

The forest guards behind Jim Corbett’s success story are ignored and doomed to live in extremely sub-human conditions. They complain that they are considered no more than chowkidars and successive governments have turned a blind eye to their apathetic state
Akash Bisht Ramnagar

When Cops become Terrorists

He says he was beaten into pulp, made to drink a cop’s urine, forced to walk naked in front of his wife in the police station, put in jail. His wife too was imprisoned. For Prempal, after 19 years, justice has arrived. But what can compensate for two decades of everyday Delhi Police terror?
Prateek Chauhan Meerut/Delhi

Run IBSA, Run

The India-Brazil-South Africa summit can prove immensely fruitful if only there is more focus on tangibly shared gains and the will and imagination to achieve them
Sanjay Kapoor Brasilia

The prison of Nirvana

Vipassana meditation camps in Tihar jail have tangibly transformed lives and minds: from anger to tolerance, violence to ahimsa, hatred to love. Hardnews interviewed five ‘hardcore’ accused in jail, who seem to have come a long way from condemnation to inner peace
Shaweta Anand