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“It takes up to $100 million to develop a gene"

Full text of an e-mail interview with Dr KK Narayanan, MD, Metahelix Life Sciences (P) Ltd. He has led the ‘Crop Transformation and Functional Genomics’ programme at the Monsanto Research Centre, Bangalore.

"GM food has been safely cultivated and consumed across the world"

Hardnews sent some critical questions to Monsanto regarding safety of GM food. This is full text of an exclusive e-mail interview with Monsanto-India’s spokesperson.

A blue garland for the elephant

Anticipating Dalit support for Rahul Gandhi and Congress in the next assembly polls, Mayawati is returning to her pro-Dalit agenda with a vengeance
Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

So what about ‘NATIONAL PRIDE’?

Delhi High Court's high-powered panel vindicates Hardnews story on the abysmal state of workers in the commonwealth games construction sites and the blatant violation of fundamental rights
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

Miffed by miff

Backed by the government, the Mumbai International Film Festival, true to its negative history, yet again alienated many documentary filmmakers
Ajinkya Shenava and Arindam Banerjee Mumbai

Dirty Money Once Again

Panchayat elections in Rajasthan is a transparent indicator of the new political trend in India: cash-fixed grassroots democracy
Rahul Ghai Bikaner

Conquerors of the golden city

In March 2010, Hardnews reported of the many irregularities in the Commonwealth Games. It was futureless quagmire, those games and Delhi seemed to be helplessly sinking in a haze of smoke and construction, beside a sewage-drain called the Yamuna. While Suresh Kalmadi had the last laugh
Akash Bisht and Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

Kalpavriksha: Celebrate the Banana Republic

With its amazing variety of delicious use, the banana and its tree are a multi-treat for the connoisseur. As summer arrives, it’s time for a banana revolution
Ratna Raman Delhi

From bad to good

The Indian industry has begun to show results, says an upbeat Union Commerce Minister, Anand Sharma
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

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