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Bengal’s theatre legend Shombhu Mitra set new benchmarks of genius. But why is there not one meaningful archive on his life and work?
Partha Mukherjee and Priyanka Mukherjee Kolkata

Zero option: Save the Tiger

Editorial: March
Hardnews Bureau

Nothing Common about this Wealth

This is the expose Hardnews carried in March 2010, long before the mainline media even cared to look at the Commonwealth Games scam....

Meet Nitin, from Nagpur

With an obscure Nitin Gadkari, the RSS wants to inject oxygen into a gasping BJP
Prabhat Sharan Mumbai


When it comes to the idea of the ‘nation’ Bollywood is obsessed with candyfloss solutions, wrapped in melodrama: we are one happy, diverse but hierarchical family
Karen Gabriel Delhi

“I call IRAN a short-term society”

Homa Katouzian, 67, author of The Persians, says that to know Iran is to see the land and its people from an Iranian perspective.
Mehru Jaffer Vienna

A document of hope

Editorial: February

Karzai’s Kickback

Organised corruption, drug-trafficking, warlords and terrorism. And the most corrupt are those responsible for upholding law and order
Mehru Jaffer Vienna

All Izz Well

What’s added to the fun is the filmmakers have taken all the Bollywood clichés and turned them around just as their 3 idiots would
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi

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