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This sun refuses to set

Never reconciled, in their loved land, born from the pangs of history, the Telangana movement resurrects in the hearts of young students like fire and fury, waiting to become rivers of self-respect and equality. Will it, this time?
Manjusha Madhu Hyderabad

The great Headley chase

Hardnews Bureau

Sex sting at Raj Bhawan

For the 84-year-old ND Tiwari with a colourful extra-currricular CV, life’s now come full circle
Akash Bisht Dehradun/Delhi

Plug the deadly nuclear leak

The Kaiga contamination has blown the lid off the nuclear establishment in India that reeks of corruption, favouritism, and a cover-up culture. The whole establishment must be thoroughly decontaminated. But who will bell the cat?
NM Sampathkumar Iyangar Ahmedabad

Darkness at noon

Most children don’t go to schools, roofless schools with no drinking water, massive drop-out rate and low enrolment of girls marks the abysmal educational record of Mayawati’s UP
Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

Pakistan: In search of identity

‘Making Sense of Pakistan’ is a timely analysis of the ideological conflicts that lie at the heart of pakistan’s conception as a nation-State
Zorawar Daulet Singh Delhi

Break on through to the other side

The writings are full of passion. There is a poet that runs through his prose and it lifts the ordinary to a level where it becomes the subject of admiration or plain gaze
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Whose New Year is it anyway?

Editorial: January

Ghosts in their cupboards

The right to information campaign has unnerved the local bureaucracy in India. No wonder, they are hatching dubious conspiracies to block the dogged ghostbusters
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

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